Saturday, December 31, 2011

Talent... this time, Warren's mom

Warren's parents live in NC as well and only about two hours away.  Warren's mom is super duper talented.  I know I've never mentioned it before but felt it was about time.  Her name is Pat and she is an artist.  And a dog gone good one at that!  She teachers art classes and also sells various art work.  Beautiful pieces to be sure.  I thought it was time I share some of the.  She is very, very modest about her artwork but I believe more need to see it.  Just is peaceful to look at.  Many nature scenes.  She has her own studio.  My kids are fortunate enough to get to go there when they stay with them and they get to do various pieces of art.  Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  The new kids were in awe.

 Okay, forgive the very poor picture quality and I'm sure you'll see reflections in a bunch of these pictures.  I was just snapping.  This is part of a painting.  Look at that deer in the snow.  Beautiful. 

Some more pictures.  Many of these are scenes from local areas.

 Birds.  Definitely nothing I could draw. 

She has such a variety of talent.  That clay sculpture to the side is one she was working on as well.  The picture at the bottom is actually a mirror that is painted on.  It's gorgeous but is currently reflecting the back wall.  

Just another peaceful feeling scene to me.  You can just picture the quiet, can't you?  

 Some more paintings.  This by the way, is only a very, very small portion.

Okay, this is MY absolute favorite piece in the whole place.  I know it is unfinished at the moment.  She's not done w/ it.  However, you can clearly see the beauty of what it will be once finished.  Imagine it lit up w/ lights behind it.  

 She told me the white bird is not done and I'm guessing won't be white as it is a cardinal....our state bird.

Just look at the detail and the time that went into this piece.  I can't even paint by numbers but she produces these type of pieces all the time.  Still in awe.

 Another painting.  Campfire by the lake.  I can picture myself there.  I think that is one of the beauty of these different can visualize yourself in complete peace with nature.  Or, at least I can. 

Summer, admiring one of her Nana's pieces of artwork.  Reni and Logan kept asking if she painted them.  We kept having to tell them every single one in here.  

Just couldn't go on without sharing her artwork.  I think it is amazing.  It's very beautiful to me and it is an honor knowing someone with that much talent.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  Sorry I can't do the pieces justice w/ my limited photography skills.  Trust me, in person you'd be stunned. 

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