Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Sweet Surprise

Today we received a very sweet surprise.  Literally.  Photos aren't the best as everyone is trying to see what's in the box. 

Ahh, the site of our sweet surprise.  And this was only a small portion of it.

 We got two huge boxes of Tastycakes.  For those unfamiliar w/ this treat, it used to be mostly up north.  Now, they've slowly migrated south but still don't have the juniors that I grew up w/ and love.  That's what that big box is full of...Tastycake Juniors....yum! 

Alyona was in the shower at the time of this picture.  New kids had no idea what they were about to it.  Wouldn't take them long at all.  Teens amused me w/ their presence.  As of late, they are not that interested in pictures.  Typical teens.

Just look at the size of those boxes.  Huge.

Reni and Logan.  Reni was quite pleased.  Not sure about Logan but being that his was gone in 2.2 seconds, I'd say he enjoyed it very much.  

Summer, loving her first Tastycake.  Snack in one hand, toothbrush in another.

Alyona's smile could not get any bigger.  Well, we finally moved those bunkbed pieces out of the dining room and into the kitchen.  Lovely.  

Maybe part of the problem w/ this evening was the wonderful sweet surprises.  I say that b/c it is now 10:47, and 5 of the kids are up doing punishment chores right at this moment.  URGHH!!!  2 are laughing about it.  Just has been one of those FAS nights where nothing seems to go quite right.  We have those every now and then and it's okay. It's just positively draining.  But, tomorrow is a new day.  We're starting fresh.  

We thoroughly enjoyed the Tastycakes my parents sent to us.  A wonderful way to start of the Christmas season w/ a gift I didn't have to buy or cook.  LOL.  More to come but posts will be forthcoming tomorrow as this night has wiped us out behavior wise.  Max's glasses broke, Bojan's leg is not working right, Alyona has a massive headache, Alex's temp regulation is going haywire, & too many other things to name.  Hey, we all have crazy days like this.  Hope your evening is peaceful. 

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