Friday, December 30, 2011

Summer's birthday gift

Trying to catch up on some posts today so may be quite a few going up.  The 19th was Summer's 5th birthday.  First one celebrated in America.  My mom sent her a present.  So, it was time for her to open it. 

Summer, opening her box of goodies.  

 Kota is just as interested in what she got.  Summer received some leggings, a skirt, a shirt, and a jacket.  Just this fashionita's style.

Summer inspecting her new jacket.  Loved the trim on it.

Jacket was a huge hit w/ Summer & it's all she wears now.  She looks really cute in her outfit too.  

Don't know who snapped this shot w/ my mouth wide open.  Oh well. I was zipping up her jacket for her.  She was so happy and lots of smiles.  Thanks mom for the cute outfit and jacket.  Summer loves it and already has gotten a lot of use out of it.  

More to come.  Warren is at work today.  Yes, it's his day off.  Got to love IT.  He's not sure when he's coming home.  What he's trying to fix is not working a bit.  Translation:  he'll be there forever and a day.  Max & Yana have a party this evening to attend but thankfully, in the neighborhood.  I'm severely night blind so no driving for me at night.  Rest of us are just kind of vegging out today.  We did some serious cleaning earlier and will do more tomorrow.  Was hoping to go to Sam's today but that's not happening.  Warren and I go there together as it is much faster than one of us going w/ the kids in tow.  Plus, they'd rather stay home than grocery shop.  Made our own dog chewies today.  Umm, not doing that again.  The homemade dog treats did turn out though so making those each week for sure.  Dogs ate them and that's all that counts.  So, store bought dog chewies yes, but homemade dog treats.  Hey, you do what works.  Next, we're working on making our own cleaning products.  Used to make my own soap so know we can do that.  Going to attempt to make our own window cleaner, floor cleaner, laundry detergent and all purpose cleaner this weekend.  If it work, wonderful.  If not, not a lot out of our pocket.  Trying to still cut costs here and there b/c as of January, our insurance goes up.  Plus, the kids are finding it interesting trying to make our own items here and there.  So, if some of it works, we'll let you know.  There are tons of recipes on line for various things.  It's all trial and error and best to try when we're all at home and on a break.  More to come. 

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