Saturday, December 10, 2011

Summer sleeps

This was just too cute not to share.  We were all busy chatting away at the table that it took us all awhile to even notice that Summer was sound asleep. 

We had shish kebobs the other night over rice.  It was a very late dinner as we were all busy that day.  I forgot what exactly we had done but all of us were working hard and thoroughly enjoying the meal.  Some times Summer will just put her head down.  That's what we thought she was doing.  Turns out, sound asleep.  Very tired.  

Super duper sleepy kid.  Nothing was going to wake this kiddo up.  LOL.  Now, how come she can't sleep like this when we put her to bed?  

Today is Saturday and we had a very busy day.  Took the kids out to a special lunch, went to a Christmas Parade and then onto get all ten shoes.  Another post on all that tomorrow.  For now, all are in bed.  For now.  Church in the morning and then we are staying put in the afternoon to play catch up on some things around the house.  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend too.  I have many more pics and posts to put up but it really will have to wait.  Sleep is calling me. 

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