Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some days just suck

I know, horrible title but I am being real honest here.  Some days at Chaos Manor just suck.  Today, is one of those days.  It started off by not getting enough sleep.  No one seemed to want to get their school work done today.  None of them.  We did most of the work but not all I wanted to get done.  I was highly disappointed as I know they can do better.  Decided after the lesson on bones we needed a break and why not attempt a gingerbread house.  You know, the ones I have NEVER been able to make every single Christmas.  This was a kit and surely I can get the "easy to assemble" ones right?  Wrong.  I have pics but those are a separate post.  It was a mess.  More than a mess.  Oooy, gooey mess. 

Warren was late getting home.  Did I mention it is our anniversary today?  It is.  Married 14 years.  No, did nothing, got each other nothing, etc.  Let's just say being back 2 weeks, things are still a bit hectic and Christmas is around the corner.  Lucky that we both even remembered.  I digress.  He was late.  Kids were all running around screaming for whatever reason known to man.  I made ham, green beans, stuffing, etc. for dinner.  Why I did it, I have no idea.  I should have just given them Tastycakes and they would have been just as happy.  Most likely happier.  Warren gets home and we shove off in the van for church clubs tonight....late.  One day we will not be late for something. 

Drop them off.  Head out to attempt to do a little Christmas shopping for kids that, at the moment, I would have given a bag of coal to in a heartbeat.  Had to be back to pick them up so very little time to shop.  Did a little though and discussed our teens.  Lately, we have been having issues w/ two of them.  May have the one figured out.  The other one is a meds issue partially.  This happens w/ kids on strong drugs.  They must be adjusted every so often, especially, during weight gain. It's been about 3 years since last adjustment & obviously, they've matured.  That's a good thing.  Yet, body chemistry changes and that does effect the dosage.  So, need to call neuro for an adjustment.  We are also going to try two new things that are NOT drug related but have been very, very promising in neurological research.  They are two supplements and I'll give articles in another post. 

Now, I never want everyone to think it is all cakes and roses here.  It is NOT.  Most of the time okay, but today it really was not.  Logan and Max were going at each other. Only problem is when FASD is involved, there is no stopping point, poor judgement and no cause and effect thinking.  See how this could easily go wrong quickly???   It is something many FASD parents struggle w/ daily...maintaining constant vigilance.  Spoke w/ both our sons and tried to figure out a solution.  This was one kid misinterpreting what another was saying.  Getting blown out of proportion. 

Gosh I get sidetracked.  Got back to the church & apparently Irina had let Summer fall off the bleachers twice.  Summer sometimes has a rough balance issue.  Keep in mind, though 4, she's more like 2yo and we have to remember that.  Treat her more like a baby than a little girl.  Just the way it has to be for awhile.  So, Summer came running to me.  She's fine, not hurt, just feelings hurt more so than anything.  Logan taught Nik to break dance.  Nice.  Get in the car and the teens are all arguing in the backseat.  This is where one of those limosine partitions would come in handy. 

Get home.  Nik & Alex let Alaska and Kota escape.  They come back an hour later.  Kota apparently rolled in poop.   Everyone feels now is the time for meal number 2.  Trying to get everyone reigned in for bed time.  No baths for younger kids, you can do that tomorrow. Nik decides he should "play deaf" and Alyona has become "Evilona."  Summer pulled Alyona's hair & somehow someway Alyona retaliated.  Alyona is 12 but mentally more around 4yo.  That does not help matters any.  Essentially, I have a 2yo and 4yo going at it & no one can tell me why.  URGHH!!! 

On top of all this garbage that is continuing to go on, Bojan informed me his pants need hemming.  You all know I don't sew, right?  They need hemming for his concert tomorrow night.  Yeh, not happening kid.  safety pins, here we come.  Shortly thereafter, Summer decided she should brush her teeth....alone. 

This is what happens when you let her brush her teeth alone.  

Closer view shows you how she cleaned it up.  With toilet paper.  that's what all those white balled up clumps are.  

To add to my delight, I looked & noticed the toilet seat is not bolted down any more.  Alex said " I told you they broke it mom."  Umm, no, you didn't.  Seriously, can a family really go through about 8 toilet seats a year?  We bought 2 before we left for Bulgaria!  URGHHH!!!  

House once again looks like a demilitarized zone.  It was cleaned up yesterday.  I kid you not.  I just don't get it.  I don't.  Tried to fill out Alex's endocrine papers tonight and it claims I already have an account and won't let me make another one.  Told Warren to take glasses tomorrow to his appointment as he is sure to have paperwork.  

It's our anniversary.  It's the love we have for each other that gets us through the crappy days like today.  I know everyone has a bad day every once in awhile.  When you have several FASers in rare form, it just seems like it's 40 bad days in one.  I know it's not & our motto is "with every new day there's fresh hope."  So, it will be fine tomorrow.  I just needed to vent share that every once in awhile, we too have days that just suck & suck the life right out of you.  I promise there are much better posts & pics forthcoming.  Vent over, kids asleep. 

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  1. Well, Happy Anniversary! Happens to be my anniversary as well...26 years. Where did the time go?
    Know all about the strangeness...I always blame it on changing weather (which my sons with FAS seem to be extremely sensitive way around the occasional change in the weather!) I always tell them that when they are independent they need to move somewhere on the equator where the weather doesn't change so much.
    Hang in there!