Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheer cuteness!

with such a serious post before this one, it is time for some pictures.  Random cuteness.  Just a picture or two to share this go around.

Isn't she just the cutest thing ever!?  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her!!!  so girly.  And so beautiful to boot.  

This is the back of the tutu.  She wanted to wear this all day long.  I let her.  

Summer w/ her tutu and her phone.  Could the smile get any bigger?  Yeh, I'd definitely say she's adjusting just fine w/ us.  

I think this is a really, really sweet picture of these two.  Brothers.  Both are growing up so fast.  A bit too fast for me at times.  Soon, Bojan will be a teenager.  That, I can not even believe.  

Those are just a few random pictures of cuteness I had to share.  I have many more posts coming.  Need to check on Warren.  He had five hours of dental work today done.  That was after not sleeping a bit last night.  Came home and he was able to nap a bit. Hoping he'll feel better soon.  Also, thankful we had gotten our shopping done.  Tomorrow, a friend and I are taking the kids to the park and having a picnic.  Should be a ton of fun.  Soaking up all the fresh air we can before winter comes to NC.  It's in the mid-60's here so perfect park weather.  

More to come.  So many updates left to do but kids come first so blog later.  Making cupcakes to take to the park tomorrow.  Yum.  Enjoy your evening.  We missed our FAS support group meeting this evening so a bit bummed.  Alright, have to figure out who gave my kids a cell phone.  Apparently, they CAN call out on it.  URGHH!!  It's a "play" phone that turned out to work for real.  More later this evening.

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  1. Yes, SO cute!! And those boys are very handsome!! I can't believe Bojan is getting that old! :) Sometimes just feels like you adopted him...and I was asking you all kinds of questions! :) You rock mama!