Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scrub cleaning

As you know now, we're planning on selling the house.  This will require quite a bit of deep down cleaning.  And decluttering.  So, we decided to work on that today.

Summer and Nik working on the shower.  We all teamed up and took different sections downstairs.  I had the bathrooms w/ these two.  Not sure they were all help.  LOL.  But, they sure were trying hard.  I know this looks filthy but even the bathroom people that came here for the estimates said it's b/c the grout is 20yo.  We've tried every cleaning product known to man.  They said it just needs to come out.  Yeh, not happening.  

Summer, making sure she gets every spot.  

 Summer and Nik tackling the bathtub which doubles as an overflow laundry tub.

Summer, showing me her soapy, foamy hands.  They worked well together.  I put them together w/ me b/c earlier, they were fighting.  Nik was jealous b/c it was Summer's birthday and not his.  He does this for everyone's birthday.  

Max, Reni and Yana working on the next phase of the cleaning.  

We did a lot of cleaning today.  Some spring cleaning as well.  It was great.  Needed to be done and we'll be doing more tomorrow.  Outside I think though.  Then, Wednesday, a friend and I are taking them to the park.  Can't wait.  Kids played today too though and Alex is spending the night w/ a friend.  Girls have a friend over here for the night.  Bojan has a fever.  Possibly strep but I'm waiting it out a bit longer for him.  Warren is in tremendous pain but more on that later.  Trying to get as many posts done as I can this evening.  Hey, after cleaning I need something else to do.  More to come.  Stay tuned. 

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