Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa's elves

Well, today is Monday.  I'm skipping a manic Monday post b/c frankly, there'd be way too much to write.  I'll get to some a few posts from now.  It's NUTS here!  Being honest.  Well, today, I said we were going to get some cleaning done and wrap presents.  That is exactly what we did.  Be prepared for what you're about to see.  LOL.  This is definitely Santa's Workshop.  On so many levels. 

 It did not take long for Kota to discover his gift from Santa.  No, I did not give it to him yet.  Did give him some little other treats though.

Alaska and Kota still very hopeful they'll end up w/ those big bones that smell like peanut butter.  We got them at Petsmart.  They were cheaper than Wally World b/c they were half price.  Their stuffed animal toys I get at Goodwill as I know they'll tear those things up w/ in days anyhow. 

Kota seeing where Santa stashes the loot.  Where are those chewies???  He's getting closer.  Yes, this is my closet.  My daughters asked me why I haven't put my clothes away in days.  Ummm, this is why girls.  I opened the door & showed them.  It's considered a walk in closet but is not huge.  So, fill it up w/ 10 kids Christmas presents from Santa and well, there is an issue.  

This is what we did for hours today...wrap gifts.  The girls' friend even came over to help out.  Thank you 'L'!  Sweet, sweet girl.  Okay, so I really should call the teens and their friends young ladies versus girls.  That is Summer's pile in front of the bed minus her bike.  

Irina does not look too pleased.  Reni's pile is below in the front there.  My older kids understand that a 4yo's items are much cheaper & money can go further than the older kids and what they want.  Hoping Reni will "get it."  We have a set amount we spend on each child.  It is the same across the board.  I know most families spend much more.  Given the sheer # of kids, we just can not.  However, we try really hard to get them at least one item they really want.  They all know this.  And most are really reasonable.  

Yana and 'L' working really hard.  These girls busted their butts today working on wrapping all the gifts.  Well, I would NOT let them wrap their own.  So, this was 8 kids items, not the ten.  Hid the girls items first before they even came into the room.  I really think they'll love what they got.  Can't wait to see their faces!

 Irina starting to wrap some of Nik's gifts.  Sorry, no unicycle, zip line(couldn't find one!), parachute wheel, gerbils, or any other of Nik's wacky requests.  He also wanted a chocolate rabbit.  Go figure. 

This is the "cost" of free help.  LOL.  This was Yana's gift wrapping attempt of a can of cashews.  I was cracking up.  The girls were trying so hard not to waste paper.  I'm not sure why as we had tons of rolls there.  I do the 75% or 90% off at Target each year.  Max is going to love this & wonder who wrapped it.  Yes, elves in training for sure.  Irina by the end was doing better.  In the beginning she was using so, so much paper for one thing.  Hey, we all have to start somewhere.  

All in all, my elves did a beautiful job today.  Very, very thankful this did not wait till the last minute.  Only have the girls items left to wrap.  We all decided as a group we're not wrapping the dogs' stuff this year.  Santa's elves were wonderful.  I must get them every year at this time.  One day, the workshop will return to normal.  Just a few days left. 

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