Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rest & a redneck parade

Okay, after that last post, I needed something a little more light hearted.  One thing all my kids love is playing around or resting on the hammocks outside.  Snapped a few shots today. 

 Alyona, my girlie girl.  I think she just looks very content here.

Ahh, signs that winter is eventually coming to NC.

Alyona, laying on top of a "little."  Don't worry, they were both fine and taking turns w/ each other.  This hammock has been the BEST.  Was $22 at Crate & Barrel on a clearance site.  Very strong and gets a lot of use.

5 girls laying on a hammock w/ a dog close by.  Really, can this even end good?

The answer is no, it's can't.  That's Alyona falling out and Summer helping her to fall.  Digby, unaware of the world around him.

Summer, getting ready to try out the hammock swing.  Kids get in this & swing like crazy.  They all love it.  Yes, those are stone pavers under her.  Sometimes, I still can't believe she's really all mine.  I love her to pieces.  

This is Summer and the "little" on their 'redneck parade.'  Max pushes them all over the yard and they wave to everyone in the yard.  The girls absolutely love it.  

I know I've been behind on posts and such.  Just been a busy week.  Tomorrow Alex has endocrinology.  this is the appointment that we were trying to get forever and a day.  Maybe we'll get some answers.  Doubt it though as I'm sure they'll have to do a blood draw first.  But, maybe she'll have ideas. Got to go.  Tons more to do.  For those curious, our tree still is not decorated.  Only partially.  However, now it has skeletons on it.  Yes, that is a whole other post.  LOL.  Have a wonderful evening. 

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