Friday, December 16, 2011


We've been doing some cleaning lately as you know since we're going to sell the house.  I mean seriously decluttering and cleaning. 

At first, I thought they were Barbie hats.  I did.  Look closer.  Someone cut the fingertips off of all the gloves.  Nice, huh?  This is that cause and effect thing you hear about w/ FAS.  I so want to see the kid who did this make a snowball when it snows w/ these gloves.  BTW, I have yet to find the gloves!  URGHHH!!!

Remember last year at this time when my parents bought us a new washer?  I looked today and this is what's happening to it.  It's a whirlpool Cabrio.  

All along the top here.  You can see it better in this shot.

Summer's comforter in there.  But, you can see the top of it.  It has not effected the function thus far.  Of course, just noticed this.

Warren seems to think there was something in one of their pockets.  Not sure though.  Doesn't look like it to me.  Again, doesn't effect function.  I will check on the warranty for sure this weekend.  But, we know our luck w/ warranties.  

She dropped an entire huge hat box full of little beads for necklaces.  Nice one, huh?  What you don't see in the picture is her little sister Summer coming from the tub, drops the towel and proceeds to help Alyona pick up beads till I make her get dressed.  I swear some times my kids like to think clothing is optional.

These are just a few of the examples of happenings at Chaos Manor on a daily basis.  Just par for the course.  You just fix it or clean it up and move on.  Never cry over spilt milk.  Or over replacing a $500 pool liner b/c someone ruined it w/ a skateboard.  You just move on.  I totally wished I'd kept a journal of just how much stuff my kids have cost me over the years.  I know it is in the tens of thousands at this point. Shoot, they lost 2 of Nik's $8K implants in the woods.  Only one of those was able to be covered & replaced.  Or how about the $1200 door they broke?  Or the couple hundred $ window before the big D.C. trip?  The list would be a couple pages long but truly would do no good.  It is par for the course when you have kids w/ behavioral issues or just kids in general for that matter.  Just thought I'd share a bit.  Next post is on the house and why we need to sell it.  For now, time to relax.  Okay, so I'm up here b/c I have 4 kids doing punishment chores who refuse to go to bed. URGHH!!!  Hey, on the bright side, at least they're not breaking anything again.

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