Friday, December 2, 2011

Putting up the tree

Last weekend we went to our church and picked out the Christmas Tree.  Well, only Warren and Max went b/c the seats had to be out of the van to pick it up.  Yes, another reminder from Warren of why we need a pick up truck.  LOL.  Took a few pics from it the other weekend.

Max, putting on the Christmas tree stand before we take it inside.  This was our first live tree ever in this home and first live tree for us in about ten years or so.  See, we had a artificial tree for years.  Well, two years ago the hot water heater exploded under the house and ruined everything, including that tree.  However, we really couldn't afford to replace it so literally kept frebreezing it  while we had it up.  I was done w/ that this year.  Money or no money, I could not stand frebreezing that moldy tree for one more year.  It's gone.  Fresh one it is.

 Okay, I should explain this one since normally my kids are not allowed out of the house w/ out pants on.  Summer had just finished using the potty (working on it) and ran outside.  She saw me taking pictures and ran over to the girls b/c she is a natural camera hog like her brother Nik. 

 Yana and Reni.  Just think it's a sweet picture. 

Everyone is giving advice on how to put this tree up.  It's 11 foot.  

All the boys helping out, including Logan.  That tree is not light at all.

 It really is much taller in person.  Very nice looking tree.

Nik "helping" w/ the tree decorating.  Warren was working on the lights. Though the teens rarely want to be in a picture any more, my younger camera hogs are always willing.  And yes, that is why you see more pics of them than the teens.  

Hey, three posts so far this evening.  Not doing too bad.  Many more to go to catch up.  2 of the kids' friends are spending the night here.  Hey, w/ 10, what's 2 more.  Just chilling out tonight.  We're all trying to decide on a movie.  Nothing going on this weekend.  Want to go to Barnes and Nobles to get some school workbooks for Logan and Nik.  Want to decorate the tree w/ ornaments.  Need to clean the house up.  Other than that, we really want an easy weekend w/ a lot of dullness.  Seriously, we need it.  Kids and I are planning next semester.  They will be taking classes two days a week, doing soccer starting in March, taking the church clubs (they've done jump rope, ASL, cooking and science thus far), and we'll be doing crafts/ experiments here every Friday.  Library will be one day too.  Trying to make Christmas lists.  Hard to do.  Just life stuff.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. 

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