Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pink overload??

I am so fortunate enough to have 3 little girls that LOVE being girls and love the color pink.  Doesn't matter what it is, if it's pink, it's a hit.  I really should try dying some of their food.  Anyhow, the other day, we really worked on their room.  Organizing, fixing, de-cluttering, switching clothes around, etc.  They like showing off their work.  Reni made me take pictures.  No kidding.  She went to grab the camera.  I guess she wanted proof she cleaned up.

Don't know what's up w/ Reni's expression.  LOL.  She looks terrified.  This is where the three of them hang up their towels & robes.  Pink of course.  This is the first part of the hallway in their room.

 When you open their door, this is what you see looking in. 

From the bunk beds this is the view.  It is Reni and Summer's wardrobes.  

This is Reni's wardrobe.  All organized.  No piles on the floor any more.

 This is Reni showing off Summer's wardrobe.  Summer's shoe collection is in the corner there.  Remember, Summer is an absolute shoe fanatic.  It's nuts!  There is a desk to the right.  No chair.  Not exactly sure what happened to the chair. 

This is their closet.  Jackets and dresses are hung up by size.  Summer time shoes are in there as well.  The wardrobe by the closet on the right in the picture is Alyona's.  This section of the room also has a play area and Summer's daybed.  I just didn't take a picture of that section yet.  

My pink princesses.  Alyona, Reni and Summer.  All pretty in pink.  

More to do and more to say.  I'll get there....eventually.  Enjoy your evening everyone.