Thursday, December 15, 2011

Our celebration

Ever since we adopted Max and Irina, we have always celebrated the adoption by going to a Japanese Steak House  in Raleigh.  It's called Kanki.  It is our absolute favorite place to go.  Issue, it is way too expensive.  So that is why we can ONLY go when it is an adoption that we've done every few years or once we went b/c it is the only thing Irina wanted for her birthday.  The kids all look forward to it.  They put on a little 'show' while cooking.  For the new kids, their eyes are always in awe.  Just is a nice time for all.  So, we decided to go for lunch this past Saturday.  Lunches are much less than dinner.  Thought we'd have to wait forever b/c it is the holidays but ushered right in.  We fill up every single seat at the table...12. 

Sorry, could never get a shot w/ everyone.  This is them first opening the chopsticks.  One grain of rice at a time is how they want to eat it.  

Bojan, reenacting a scene from the Karate Kid.  Trying to catch a fly.  No, there were not flies in the restaurant.  

 Waiting for the chef to arrive. 

Kids starting to get excited about the fire.  Not to mention the amount of food on that cook top there.  

Since I was sitting next to them, I really didn't have many pics of Summer and Irina.  So, this is them watching w/ intensity.  

 Still having lots of fun here watching the chef do his tricks.

No idea what Reni and Alex were doing.  Sure it was some sort of challenge.

 Max is waiting to do something to Bojan w/ those chopsticks.  Pretty sure of it.

Nik messing around w/ the straw.  Yana just smiling.  Don't let her fool you.  She only smiles for pictures.  Years ago she said to us when we questioned why she looked so angry her reply was:  "I'm not angry, I'm Russian."  Logan is wondering when he can dig into all this food right in front of him.  I swear these Bulgarian kids must have been told that all mushrooms are poison.  They freak out at mushrooms.  Guess we can't visit a show w/ smurfs, huh?  

Terrible picture of me but oh well.  Picture of Summer and I w/ our meal together.  She obviously had more fun w/ the drumsticks chopsticks.  

We had a wonderful time together.  Wish we could do this once a year but just not in the budget.  It shows us that when we adopt we are a family that can go out to eat together.  Means the kids are settled in to their family.  It just is a special celebration for us as a family.  

Gee, five posts in a day.  I'm on a roll.  LOL.  Still have a bunch to do this evening so must be the last post for now.  Realized tonight Bojan is going to need another surgery on his foot.  How in the world could he let it go that long like that?!  I said how are you walking?  He's almost 13 and honestly, I do expect him to tell me if something is bothering him.  Like say not being able to walk right.  Calling ortho tomorrow.  Called neuro today for Alex.  Calling a plastic surgeon for Reni.  Yes, have a feeling we may have a few surgeries in our future.  Reni and Summer's tonsils are both very huge but like our ped said, unless they have infections or such, we're not doing anything.  Praying for no infections.  Hoping everything goes well at the next few appointments that we'll be having.  That's all for another day.  For now, just reflecting on our peaceful meal last weekend.  Why can't dinner be like that every night?  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Bojan and Yana are doing a lock-in w/ the youth group.  Max and Irina didn't want to go.  That's okay b/c they can go job hunting.  More to come on just about everything that's happening at Chaos Manor.

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