Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our adoption tidbits

You know, after 10 adoptions, you finally sit back and think of a few things that are odd (best word I could come up with) about your family make up.  So, came up with a few things that happened to us during these processes and some things that are the way they are now.  Silly things really. 

There are a dozen of us.  We have 10 children. 5 girls and 5 boys.  We have 4 sets of virtual twins and an oldest and youngest.  Each set of virtual twins is boy/girl except for the 11yo's.  Both boys.  My kids are ages 4, 9, 9, 11, 11, 12, 12, 16, 16, and 18.  Crazy, huh?  It was never ever planned that way.  Never.  First adoption was in 1999.  5 years later we had 3 consecutive years of adoptions...2004, 2005, and 2006.  Then it was another 5 years and we had this adoption in 2011.  2 of our girls are left- handed. 

We have 3 dogs and our children are from three different countries.  We've had crazy stuff happen on each and every single adoption trip.  I kid you not.  We have had not one single "dull" adoption.  Ever.  First adoption of Irina and Max, we experienced the worst heat wave Moscow had ever seen they said.  It was well over a hundred and you know there are not many air conditioners around.  LOL.  Since I kept looking like I would pass out, they allowed me to ride in the diplomat car w/ A/C.  Next adoption was of Yana and Alex.  They forgot to put our daughter on the Russian database, one corrupt system, and having to "sneak" Alex out (he was legally ours) b/c the director wanted a new iron was crazy to say the least.  Next adoption was Bojan.  Biggest snow storm they had in years in Serbia we were told.  Had to hike in the snow to the orphanage everyday.  Airports shut down.  Snowed the day we arrived to the day we left.  No lie.  All Bojan wanted to do was throw snow balls.  We couldn't ever obtain an original birth cert so they all joked around about sending a US Marine copter in to pick it up.  We never did get that original but embassy accepted a faxed copy.  Especially when they heard he was born in Bor as it was plastered all over the news that the city was inaccessible.  No one could get in or out due to the snow.  Next adoption was Alyona and Nik's.  They thought we'd have to life flight Alyona home.  Bad shape nutrition wise & had heart issues.  No life flight.  However, on trip one I was taken off the Delta flight in Moscow and had my first Russian ambulance ride.  I highly do not recommend it!  This past time, we had the three in Bulgaria. One who screamed bloody murder the first few days, one who would try to run away, and one who would duck and cover all the time.  It was one thing after another on that trip.  The odd stuff really happened before we left.  Medicals off kilter, investigation(URGHH!!!-- yes, still a tad bitter), & too many other things to name.  So, each adoption had its own issues for sure.  Yet, we kept doing them again and again.  I think that says we are either crazy or the kids are worth it.  I'm going w/ the kids are worth it. 

Just little things you notice.  One is that I never did get to adopt my infant/ toddler.  I always wanted one about two years old.  Always.  Still do.  Guess we'll have to wait for grandkids now....long time away I do hope. 

Getting used to our family of 12.  It's different yet in many ways the same.  Noise level is still about the same.  Well, I'd type more but apparently there is a "crisis" in the kitchen as I heard Irina yell "Summer!"  More posts and pics to come.  Told you I'd catch up at some point.  5 posts last night, I'm on a roll.  LOL.  

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