Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My baby girl is 5!

Yesterday, Monday the 19th, was Summer's birthday.  First birthday in America and very first birthday with a family who adores her.  She was thrilled all day long.  Jumping up and down and smiling the whole time.  Every time we asked her how old she was this is what she did:

Cute as cute can be!  Love it.  There is so much to share about this precious child.  I will indeed save it for another post.  For now, just want to celebrate her birth.  It was such a great gift.  Could not imagine life without this little girl in it.

Summer's expression is just priceless here.  So excited.

Looking at her Barbie.  That is all she wanted in Bulgaria.  She loves Barbie.

Summer is the slowest child we have ever had at opening gifts.  We have all agreed at this rate she'll have to get up at least 3 hours earlier than the rest of the kids on Christmas to get through her stuff.  

She could not believe she was getting more than 1 Barbie.  She was in heaven.

True joy from a little girl that was used to playing with broken pieces of plastic as toys.  Now, she has a toy of her own to love and cherish.  It's the simple things folks.  It really is.  

 Warren knew he'd be at work late. He said go ahead and let her open the gifts, that way, she can enjoy them all day.  So, we ate lunch and then let her open the gifts.  Just us and one of the girls' friends.  Wish we could have taken her out somewhere but just not in the budget.  Plus, I think she had just as much fun here with her siblings.  We saved the cake till dad got home. 


Our friend, Miss  Rebecca, stopped on by.  Brought Summer a birthday stocking.  Thought that was just really sweet of her.  Summer of course dug right in.

Slowly going through every single gift.  She is so slow.  LOL.  All the other kids were dying to help her open them. 

She saw these balloons and bolted to Warren.

I wish you could hear her screams of delight and just sheer joy.

She was jumping up and down and just so incredibly happy.  She loves balloons, that's for sure.

Summer had a wonderful 5th birthday I do believe.  I know we had a joyous time watching her celebrate.  She was just genuinely happy and showed it every single chance she got.  I wish I could give all the kids at her orphanage a birthday party.  They all deserve a really happy day.  Summer was all smiles. A ray of sunshine.  She just kept jumping up into our arms and hugging us.  I think that's her way of saying thanks.  She sleeps with Barbie now.  Has used more lip gloss than a beauty contestant and is still carrying around her balloons.  Love it all.  Yes, my baby girl is 5yo now. 

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  1. The excitement on that baby girls face is worth millions!