Monday, December 12, 2011

Meadow Lights (part II)

Continuing on my Meadow Lights post.  Still can't believe we took them after being home only a week.  Normally w/ PI kids first home, that is like going on a war mission.  LOL.  But, we really felt our kids could handle it and if not, we'd simply leave and come another day.  Didn't have to leave and all of us left w/ a little bit of Christmas in us.  Not just candy either. 

I think my Bulgarian kids have such gorgeous eyes.  BTW, Alex is our only blue-eyed kid in the bunch.  The other 9 have brown eyes.  

Alyona and Irina enjoying the ride.  Yes, the teens amuse us by going.  Though not forced, you'd think they were.  LOL.  They only go for the candy, I'm pretty sure of it. 

Just crazy how much more straight her eyes are now that she has glasses.  Summer is simply amazed by all the lights.  

Lots of meaning for us w/ only being home a week w/ our new US Citizens.  

Alex was getting sleepy but he always does early in the evening.  Just the way he is and maybe some answers will come soon on all that.  Still waiting.  

Summer did have a good time as did the other kids.  Yes, even the older reluctant participants.  

After the train ride, we went to see Santa.  No pics allowed in there unless you pay for them.  They all told Santa what they wanted.  Well, the younger kids did.  Yes, I helped translate for Nik.  We all know about his infamous 'shit line' he wants.  (for those new, he's learning how to talk and can't say zip line).  Alyona still wants her blanket heater.  Electric blanket.  Alex still wants $15.  Nik has thought of a few other things as well.  Of course.  List gets longer the closer they get to Christmas you know.  

Finally, we went to the old fashioned candy store. SO cool.  Made sure one kid was matched up w/ another just in case.  Worked out well.  Got candy and went on home.  Yes, we all ate some in the car.  It's a once a year treat.  But oh so good.  I have another picture I would love to share but Summer had just gotten out of the bath so was only in her diaper.  She fell asleep on the papasan chair, legs crossed, with a bowl full of candy in front of her.  It was the cutest thing.  Candy comatose is what I call it.  LOL.  All had fun, all behaved w/ few incidents, and we all thoroughly enjoyed the candy.  

More posts to come this evening.  Warren just got home and we're going to get the new kids a haircut.  Alex & Nik got one the day before we left for Bulgaria so they are good.  I've got some coupons too so that helps.  Homeschoolers accomplished things today so I was happy about that.  Obviously having to spend some time w/ Reni and Logan till they better understand English.  Starting slowly and working our way up.  Stay tune for more happenings around Chaos Manor. 

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