Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meadow Lights (part I)

Locally, we have this light show not far from us.  Best part is, they have a little train that goes around and you can see the light.  Despite everything else going up in this world, it has always stayed at $2.00 per person for the train ride.  Still is the same price.  Visiting Santa is free unless you want a picture.  Then, they have an old fashioned candy store.  That is the best part, for me that is.  Anyhow, we decided after being home just a week, it was time to go or there'd be no good candy left.  Yes, that was our lesson learned our first year going.  LOL.  Plus, we were getting a bit of cabin fever.  Yes, there would be stimulation which we try to avoid the first month home but these guys were okay and knew the trip would be fine as it would not be a long one.  Thought I'd share a few pics from our trip to Meadow Lights. 

 Okay, everyone getting ready to go.  Reni is mad b/c her brother Logan just conned her out of the Santa hat she was wearing & she did not like the new one.  BTW, ALL the hats were identical.  Go figure. 

Summer trying to decide what hat she wants to wear.  She was torn between the Santa hat and the frog hat.  

Some of the lights as you are entering the property.

Some of the kids waiting patiently in line.  And trust me, there were very long lines this year.  

Both my youngest and my oldest posing for the camera.

Some of the light displays in Meadow Lights.  They have a variety and seem to add a bit more each year.

Reni, just looking w/ amazement and wonder. Remember, just in America a week before we drug her here.  Trust me, she did not mind one bit.  

Reni, finding comfort in Yana's arms.  Remember, at this point she was still one very frightened little girl.  And, she couldn't see yet either.  Glasses were on order by this time.  Was prone to falling all the time so we had to walk her around.  Not any more though!

Was able to catch most kids waiting for the train.  Older kids trying to mess up yet another picture w/ rabbit ears.

Alex, w/ his cheesy grin.  Trying to work on a more natural smile.  All my kids do this at this age.  Drives me bonkers.  

More to come on Meadow Lights.  For now though, lots to catch up on around the house.  Had a very, very busy weekend.  Busier week to come.  Nik goes to audiology this week.  He's begging us for an AB Neptune.  They become available in January.  It would be ideal for Nik but time will tell.  If there's a way to get it for him, we will.  He knows he's going to see the audiologist on Tuesday so he asked me tonight about getting the implant he can wear in the shower. Max and Alex have dentist appointments this week.  No one had cavities last week or any issues.  That was Nik, Bojan and Irina that went.  Hoping for the same for Max and Alex.  Got to go.  Can't wait to share all the pics I've gathered over the weekend. 

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