Monday, December 26, 2011

Manic Monday

Manic Monday and not because we're going to after Christmas sales.  We need to but can't right now.  Many reasons. Let's just say there is a lot of stimulation in Christmas celebrations for kids that have issues.  Last night was just too much.  Too much crazy.  Today, they are all staying put for the most part.  Trying to get them back on schedule, back on routine.  And, get rid of some of the junk they've been eating.  Yes, we let them and us eat junk but the quantities consumed as of late could have won them an all out eating contest.  How I didn't notice that Summer had downed 5 cupcakes, cookies, candy and other things, I'm not sure.  I remember seeing her with ONE cupcake.  However, Irina informed me she had 5 cupcakes.  Insane.  It showed too.  LOL.

So, this week will be spent getting back to normal.  yet, tomorrow we'll be gone at Warren's parents house for Christmas celebration there.  Can't wait yet very concerned about going.  Why?  Well, it is nice home but not kid proofed.  By that I mean I look around and think to myself " Oh please don't break that kids."  Lots of glass.  You'll notice in pictures we have plastic glasses, plastic plates, etc.  There is a reason for that.  Well, when we go there, the kids enjoying playing outside.  We all know my kids live to be outside anyhow.  In too long, they really get cabin fever.  It is supposed to tomorrow.  Can you see where this may be a little "iffy?"

Yeh, started this post this morning.  2 more broken guns this morning and a whoopie cushion.  In addition, slime in the carpet, slime in carpet in loft area and slime in the pantry.  yes, the pantry! 

Anyhow, been a bit "off" around here lately.  Warren and I took Nik and Summer to TJMaxx to finish up some Christmas shopping.  Also, went to Petsmart so Nik could get his beta fish.  They're a dollar there and last longer.  He picked out an orange one...his favorite color.  He was so excited.  While there, we spoke at length to a lady about chinchillas as we had considered one for the kids for Christmas.  May let Max build a cage for one and take it from there.  Lady(an employee there) that we spoke w/ had 4 at home so she was VERY informative.   We just didn't want another creature in here while trying to sell a home.  After shopping, headed home to check on other kids. 

 I for some reason failed to remember I had given Nik and Summer a chocolate Christmas tree to share.  No wonder they were quiet in the back seat!

A closer view.  This is AFTER she'd cleaned her hands up.  they were literally brown.  

Went home as we left the other kids home playing their new Wii game. 

Irina told us she didn't let Alyona or Logan play b/c Alyona was slapping Logan in the face and Logan retaliated by messing w/ her arm.  Certain things are off limits and we must teach the new kids that.  Yes, kids will fight but certain areas on certain kids they are NOT allowed to touch.  Alyona's botched surgery arm is one of them.  It's too fragile.  Reni, Alyona and Max's faces are off limits due to the glasses.  Alex's back is way off limits due to having one kidney. Nik's head is way off limits b/c of implants.  Bojan "good" leg is off limits.   Though it seems like a lot, they can remember and do indeed remember.  Hey, I know they're going to fight from time to time.  That's normal.  I did w/ my sibs when I was younger and got in a few punches myself.  BUT important for kids to remember not to take it too far.  So, teaching Logan the "off limit" parts while teaching him you shouldn't hit to begin with.  Alyona knew better than to slap one of her brothers.  shoot, they're all bigger than her.  geez. 

Left again.  Went to Wally World for a few items.  Then off to Wendy's to get chili (dollar menu!) for everyone while the bake potatoes at home were cooking in the oven.  While over there, noticed no one was at Urgent Care...score!  Finally took Reni & Summer back there to get their blood work done.  Okay, re-done as they each had some that got messed up last time.  Also, got Reni's x-ray to clear up the positive tb test.  Wahoo!  Came home and went to a bonfire w/ smores across the street.  Was very nice and nice to see them again. 

Bojan brought his dummy w/ him to show everyone.  He really does enjoy that thing.  Though it's creeping some of us out.  LOL.  

 Nik brought his camera to the bonfire.  My camera hog.  

Alyona and her friend (one of my old "littles" who is now in kindergarten!).  They have a great time together.  Max is helping put some wood on the fire.

We had a busy day but nice.  Kids hung out with friends and we're playing catch up a bit.  Tomorrow we are cleaning.  My in-laws called and we are going there Wednesday instead which is wonderful b/c it will be sunny.  Warren has to work Friday and Saturday.  We need to get back into more homeschool things.  We're ready though for the new semester.  Lots going on and I'll catch all up.  Hoping to go to the farm some time this week as well.  So, blog posts may be scarce more so probably.  We'll see.  We had a good Christmas and I'll have more on that tomorrow. 

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