Monday, December 12, 2011

Manic Monday

Well, let's see here.  It's 10:11 at night and Alyona is down at the dining room screaming she wishes she never had sisters.  "I thought we were going to get a different sister and not her."  Ahh, can you feel the love?  'Evilona' is back.  That is her nickname when she gets this way.  She is currently writing a page of lines that reads "Screaming and kicking is not the answer."  No worries, her and Reni are fine.  This isn't about that.  This is about Alyona not quite being able to express herself.  Her sister told her to go to bed and Alyona just flew off the handle.  Yes, we have some drama here from time to time.  Who doesn't?  It's just the way it goes.  They played all day together laughing, etc.  Had to end some time, right?  She'll sleep it off and all will be well w/ the world in the morning.  That is the thing w/ FASers w/ her degree of damage....they truly do not remember what they did the night before.  Crazy, but true.  I think of it as they get a fresh start everyday. 

Now, Logan and Nik are playing around.  Fun playing around.  Those two have gotten SO close.  It's good and it's bad.  Good for bonding.  However, bad b/c all they want to do is stay up and play all night long or ride bikes all day.  Though, they do know they have to do school work first so that's good.  See, right now we have no clubs, no meetings, no sports, etc.  We did this intentionally.  We knew the kids were coming home & everyone (new & old) would need time to adjust and get to know each other.  So, lots of time at home for about 2 months.  Then, all the crazy activities start back up again.  Homeschool classes at the academy starting, clubs, and soccer a few times a week.   For now, enjoying the lack of such a busy schedule. 

Nik has audiology all day tomorrow.  Taking all broken stuff in.  Nik still is asking for the AB Neptune.  Max & Alex have the dentist tomorrow.  Hope theirs goes as well as the other 3 last week.  Still awaiting results from neuro and endocrine.  May call.  Then, we need to still take care of that chest x-ray for Reni to officially clear her of TB.  Logan got his x-ray & was totally cleared of course.  And the most dreaded part...taking Summer back for one of the vials of blood that something happened to.  What?  I have no idea.  Hoping to take her in tomorrow after the "little" leaves. 

I'm trying to get super organized this week.  I will get there for sure.  But Chaos Manor needs super organization and I will admit that since I've been back from Bulgaria, that has not been happening like it should.  Shoot, tree's been up but not even decorated.  Well, skeletons on it.  Still have that post yet to come.  Just been staying very busy lately w/ kids and things to get done.  All three dogs need a bath.  We are usually on top of that.  Along w/ the van.  Usually do that too.  If I had the money right now, car wash it would be.  LOL.  Hey, never claimed to be superwoman so I guess I get a break. 

Don't even mention Christmas shopping.  Somehow, that has been pushed to the back burner.  We did get a wonderful surprise in the mail today though and made our day.  A big box of cookies!  Well, 3 boxes inside of it.  Can't wait to show  you.  It was a Christmas present from my sister and her husband.  Sorry, no leftovers.  All gone.  Hey, you put cookies out and ten kids, there is not going to be anything left.  Big thank you on a great gift on a day that was not so hot originally.  Put some smiles on some faces for sure. 

School for Bojan is going great.  School for some of my high schoolers not so much.  Not academically but in other ways.  Since they are older, I do put limited info on here.  Just know, this is NOT an academic problem w/ one and I think it will be time soon to contact an authority figure.  This school has always been very cooperative w/ any issue that has arisen.  I'm sure they will be in this situation as well.  School is almost out.  They get out early on Friday for the rest of the year. 

Just wanted to say a big thank you to two people.  Well, there are so many more but off the top of my head for right now.  One of Irina's teachers found out that Bojan really wanted a dummy for Christmas.  Wants to practice being a ventriloquist.  She gave us one to give to him!  Amazing.  Then, the other day we came home from the Christmas Parade.  Found a bag of boys' clothes that we could really use and an entire box of oranges, apples and grapefruit!  Was SO good.  Still eating some of it.  Fruit around this house is extremely appreciated as are clothes.  Two things you can't seem to keep enough of for kids around here.  Just two examples of kindness.  I still don't know who gave us the fruit or clothes but am just really touched by it.  Was very sweet. 

Well, more to say but more to do around here so things will have to wait.  I am determined to get a Christmas picture done this week.  Hey, we got 5 kids hair cuts this evening.  Not bad. 

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