Friday, December 9, 2011

Manic Monday

Alright, I started this on Monday.  Gives you an indication of how busy our week has been.  

Oh my oh my.  I haven't done one of these for a few weeks.  My posts will start focusing on the transition process itself soon.  For now though, I'm sure you'd like to hear what's happening at Chaos Manor.  So, guess I should start somewhere.  One of the "littles" is back today.  So, I had 7 kids here today.

The dogs.  We still have Digby, Kota and Alaska.  I say that b/c last week, it was being contemplated whether or not Kota would have to go.  Whether or not the bite was an act of aggression or not.  After much thought and review of all events, it is determined he will indeed stay here.  All ten of the kids love him now.  As a precautionary measure though, we are sending him to a training camp where they evaluate him for aggression.  It is done through a rescue group.  He will go for a week.  Logan now walks Kota all the time.  In fact, it is one of his chores.  Logan likes to play tug of war w/ Nik and Kota as well so he definitely is not afraid of the dog.  It was hard making this decision and I did not blog about it last week. Just too much to think about.  We had spoken w/ the rescue people, friends, and our vet.

The house.  Okay, I kept much quiet while doing our adoption.  Our plans were after the adoption to do a massive remodel and add space to our home, fix the roof, etc.  We had spoken w/ the bank and it look quite feasible.  See, we have a rather high interest rate compared to most in America today b/c for 2 years we were trying to decide whether to move or to refi.  With the remodel & the refi, the payments would remain the same or be lower.  We had spoken to the bank, like I said.  All would be great as long as bids came in at a decent price.  Ummm, yeh, that didn't happen.  Try the cost of an entire other home.  Over $100 a sq. ft!  You can buy a new home for that as you know.  Less than that nowadays.  Frankly, we were all kind of shocked.  One bid was less than the other and one guy didn't even get back to us.  So, the  tentative plans are to fix up a few things the next month or two and then attempt to put it on the market as an "as is" sale.  We want no haggling.  It is a GREAT home.  But we are also very realistic about selling a home w/ 10 kids & 3 dogs running around in it.  It stays in a state of chaos.  Yard is always a mess b/c kids are always playing outside so bikes, ride toys, etc. are out.  It would never be what Realtors consider show ready.  So we feel our only choice would be an as is sale.  There is nothing wrong w/ this home.  Yes, it needs power washing but that's an easy thing.  Yes, it has marks on walls but every house w/ kids does.  There are holes to go w/ those marks.  LOL.  We hate to do this b/c we love our neighbors & neighborhood.  You can't beat it.  However, in the long run, this is the best option.  My family needs more space and not just house space.  We're talking acreage.  Our goal is to be able to get a minimum of 10 acres, preferably much, much more to be able to put another smaller home on in a few years for the young adults that will not be able to live on their own in this family.  Time will tell if this is the plan that is meant for our family.

Mom & Dad-- we are still pretty exhausted.  Getting over the being overwhelmed part for sure.  Warren was dx'd w/ bronchitis virus when we got home and told it would be two weeks to get over.  He still has it.  So, he hasn't slept much poor guy.  I've been tired too but just sinus stuff.  We are finding our groove and trying to keep up w/ our new bunch.  Oh, our anniversary is this week.  The 7th.  No, not going anywhere, doing anything or buying anything.  Just happy to be together.  We can't go anywhere w/ the new kids just arriving home. Just one of our rules.

Appointments-- Nik, Bojan & Irina have dentist appointments tomorrow.  Concerned about Nik's teeth.  They seem super yellow to me lately.  We'll see what they say.  They go every 6 months.  New kids have their appt. on Jan. 2nd.  Alex has his endocrinology appointment this week as well.  Thursday I believe.  Gosh, do I hope to get an idea of an answer.  I'm sure it will just entail blood work and a wait to hear from us deal.  Who knows though.  I will be taking Reni to get that x-ray done this week.  Most likely on Thursday as I might not have the "little" that day.  We need to clear up her TB false positive test.  Also, her and Summer need to redo blood work.  Yuck!  Has to be done though.  MRI & EEG results for Summer and Logan won't be in until Jan. 10th.  Bummer big time.  It is what it is.  Just would help to have answers.

Christmas-- Love this time of year.  Just wish it were colder here.  Long for snow.  Being in shorts right now and barefoot outside, just doesn't feel like Christmas.  However, we have the tree up w/ lights.  Notice I didn't say decorations...yet.  It's about half decorated.  And as of today, it now has skeletons all over it.  The homeschoolers & the "little" studied bones and such today for science.  So, I had them make skeletons.  They wanted to hang them on the tree.  I let them.  We're an ecletic type anyways here.  All the outside lights are broken.  We've had them for years upon years and desperately need new ones.  Not in the budget so kind of bummed about no outdoor lights this year.  However, the inside is decorated so I don't care.  We'll try to get our little porch decorated too.  We went to a light show recently (post forthcoming) and will be going to a Christmas Parade this coming weekend.  My kids are not in the church Christmas play this year b/c of the fact we were gone and adjustment period of the new kids.  Miss it really.  Next year though.  Trying to figure out Christmas gifts.  Coming off an adoption does not make it easy but we're creative here and very thrifty.  Plus, have my friends and such looking out for deals they spot.  Since I have kids of all ages, bound to fit someone if they find a deal.  Going to make a gingerbread house this week and also some fudge I hope.  I'm guessing we'll never get cookies to neighbors as they eat them all as soon as they come out of the oven.  URGHH!!!

Adoption front-- It's over....sort of.  Adoption never is really over, is it?  It's forever.  The main part is over and now the real work begins.  In addition, we'll have post placement reports.  Need to remember when those start w/ Bulgaria.  Our main issue right now w/ the adoption is getting our adoption reimbursement from Warren's work.  See, reason we didn't really push the fundraising a whole lot is b/c we truly thought we'd have an adoption reimbursement coming to us as it has for all 7 of our other adoptions.  So, ONLY tried to fundraise what we didn't think we could handle.   Yes, we still would have money left to pay even after the reimbursement but thought it could be okay due to tax time.  Well, not now.  In retrospect, we should have fundraised more but very hard to do w/ kids at home.  Plus, like I said, only wanted to do what we needed.  Medical expenses that first week home were over $700 out of pocket.    That was the first week.  I knew we'd have expenses, do not get me wrong.  However, I thought we'd be able to pay for some of those on our card b/c our reimbursement would have helped pay for the adoptions.  there is still a chance.  It will work out.  Has to.  (update as of today:  It WILL work out for SURE!  Wahoo!!!)  Medical expenses are still causing us to be "tight" but it is alright for sure.  The reimbursement will be forthcoming.  For those that do not know, some companies do offer a reimbursement.  It varies in amount from company to company.  This does not cover costs whatsoever but it sure does help quite a bit.  We all are all well aware that nothing ever seems to cover total adoption costs. 

New kids-- Doing well.  I really have no reason to complain.  All are finding their place in this family and that takes time.  Alyona and Reni have become very true sisters.  Loving each other one minute, hating each other the next. that's normal for sure. They really have adjusted right in as if they'd always been here.  I for one am absolutely and utterly shocked.  I will have more on this later for sure.  Almost makes you want to adopt again.  (that one was for Warren to see if he's really reading this.  LOL).  Just kidding folks. 

I never did finish everything b/c we had a ton going on.  Thought I'd post this one anyhow.  Even if it's Friday. 

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