Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little more info

I started this post the other day, Tuesday.  I figured I'd write a little about the rest of the day.  Warren had off today but poor guy spent it w/ appointments.  We took Alex & Max to the dentist.  6 month check ups.  No cavities.  Max is getting his wisdom teeth in but looks fine.  So, 5 kids in less than a week and NO cavities.  Only problem I have now is that the dentist has now decided to hand out tokens for the balls.  These are big bouncing balls.  Big ones.  Hard too.  They want to bounce them all over the house.  URGHH!!! Doesn't matter the age.  They are cool, I'll give them that but seriously considered a weapon at this point.  I keep throwing them in the garbage.  Too much damage.  It was a super quick appointment for them so then went to Target to grab a few things we needed. Realized Summer had ONE, count them ONE pair of pants that fit her.  So, had to get her some that fit better.  She's in a 3T pants and 4T shirts and dresses.  Found some on clearance rack for $3.50 so picked them up.  Also, got Yana the poster board she needed for a project.  she told me the sign said $3 something.  NOPE.  $6 for a stupid piece of fold out poster board.  I was not happy as teachers I don't think understand how fast this adds up.  Some do but many don't.  However, Yana hasn't needed as much stuff as previous years so I didn't mind.  Just wished my kids would read the tags better. 

New kids are doing fine in stores now.  Still wow w/ everything though.  Funny at times.  I think Reni learned last time though a few things.  She'd look at candy and say "no candy mom."  You're right, no candy.  She was a good sport when we passed her spot from where she had her previous meltdown.  Went home and got a phone call.  Endocrinology called us to tell us all of Alex's blood work was normal.  This is both good and bad.  Good that it's normal.  Bad b/c now endocrinology thinks it is a brain disorder going on of some sorts.  So, back to neurology for an MRI.  I called to make an appointment.  Waiting to hear.  We'll take it from there.  Great news is she said she doesn't believe it could be any type of tumor as it has gone on for too long for it to be that.  Relief.  Sometimes figuring out my kids is a puzzle.  You have to do it one piece at a time to get the whole picture.

We've digested what they said about Nik and disagree.  Our speech therapist disagrees as well.  She has called to see how they tested him and has some theories as well as why Nik may have just not tested well.  You know, for them to even suggest he needs OT is an indication that something is "off."  Nik is very meticulous and has excellent fine motor skills.  Warren was explaining to them he's just being lazy w/ his signs right now.  Really, what 9yo wants to sit still and listen to a bunch of words?  Especially, a 9yo w/ ADHD who is NOT medicated.  Yeh, I know, it's on my list.  However, I was waiting for a reason. Anyhow, Warren and I have decided to continue w/ his speech therapy and keep practicing everyday like now.  Nothing is going to change no matter what the professionals think.  I have received excellent advice from many out there from that post.  I'm going through links sent to me and everything else.  I appreciate it very, very much.  I have been given rough news in the past regarding a few of my kids.  This is nothing new.  I know to keep fighting for him and never give up.  Never.  He's too important. 

Now, we all know Nik can hear w/ his implants.  He LOVES to hear.  He's told me.  Ever since we showed him the Advanced Bionics Neptune processors, that is all he can talk about.  He tells me how he won't  be scared in the shower anymore and how he'll be able to hear in our pool.  He sweats b/c he's outside alot.  Playing soccer, swing set, bike riding, etc.  Having waterproof implants would be a dream come true for him and us.  A safety type thing.  This is not the same as a kid saying ooh, I want that playstation or computer.  This is something Nik wants to help him have a better quality of life.  I wasn't there when Warren was inquiring.  But a comment was made to him about 'winning the lottery.'  Kind of a good luck w/ that one.  Referring to getting the implants.  I do know AB is going to have some type of trade in program.  I do believe the processors are going to run around $8K a piece.  No, we don't have that but will try to apply for grants, do fundraisers, whatever it takes to help our son have a better quality of life.  Nik lOVES his implants and I swear would be a model spokes kid for AB.  LOL.  These new Neptunes won't be available till the summer.  Nik is still asking me when he's getting them.  I told him it takes a lot of money.  We will do what it takes to help our son achieve this goal.  Suggestions on what may be available out there, please do let me know.  To tell you how badly he wants this, he is even willing to do the surgery again to get them!  No, he wouldn't need to by my knowledge (correct me if I'm wrong) but that is just how much Nik wants these implants. 

Today is Thursday.  Been busy just getting homeschool stuff done.  Thankfully, our speech therapist came the same time my muscle experiment was going wrong.  Made them go out and play while Nik worked. 

Oh, some sweet neighbor dropped off a tin of dog treats for the pooches.  With a homemade recipe for dog treats.  Can't wait to try them!  Well, try to make them.  We are staying put this evening.  Got to make some lists.  Trying to figure out what all I still need to do as far as Christmas shopping goes.  It will be VERY tight this year compared to previous years for sure.  We've told the kids this.  I think for the most part they understand. They each get individual presents and then get some group gifts.  Anyone has suggestions on reasonably priced group type gifts, let me know.  We've already thought of outdoor items such as balls, Frisbees, etc.  Would love some other ideas as well.  Thanks.

More posts to come.  Making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner so need to go make the meatballs.  This weekend we are going to experiment making some of our own items to try to lower costs around here even more than we already have.  See, when we sell our home, it will be at a loss.  We already know that.  Trying to prepare as best as possible.  More on the house thing in a bit.  Kids & I though are going to be experiment w/ making our own types of bread.  That would save us tons if we could get it right as we buy over 50 loaves of bread a month.  No, not a typo.  We're also going to make our own window cleaner and laundry detergent.  And dog treats.  If this works, it will save us quite a great deal.  If it doesn't, no harm done.  I'll let you know how it all goes.  Hey, could end up like the gingerbread houses.  Who knows.  Hoping not. 

Need to go make dinner.  May have Alyona help this go around.  Girl has learned to make various types of tea.  She is learning things here and there.  So much to say about everything and everyone.  Can't wait.  But, must go make some dinner.  We're trying to keep schedules.  Trying. 

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