Monday, December 5, 2011

A little about Summer

Ahh, my baby girl.  And yes, I call her my baby girl.  In so many ways she is still a baby.  So many ways.  I'll tell you a bit about Summer.  Our Summer Grace is 4yo.  When we saw her in June, she wanted nothing to do with us.  And I mean nothing.

Notice her body language in the sandbox.  I forget what I was trying to point to.

This was her inside.  Frankly, this was her the whole time if she wasn't crying.  This is where you have to trust that things will work out.  I mean really, I didn't get to touch her even that first visit except one time.  That's it out of all that visitation.  It was heart breaking to see her that way.  Yet, deep down inside, I knew she was ours.  

The second trip wasn't much better those first few days.  If you missed it, go back to some of those posts and you'll see her eyes and the sadness in them.  It was hard to listen to her constantly scream.  Stiff as a board if you tried to hold her.  But slowly, very slowly, those walls started to crumble and she started to trust us.  However, I guess I should go back even further.

Summer was on the waiting child list.  Special needs.  She was said to be missing her corpus collosum and delayed.  I didn't care if she was missing part of her brain, she was our daughter.  Just knew it.  And sometimes, you just have to take that leap of faith that it will all work out. Medically, she seems very healthy to me.  Summer went to the neuro and she had her MRI.  We'll get results on January 10th.  Neuro seems to think she may  be associated w/ some type of syndrome but that is all a guess at this point.  He said if she is missing her corpus collosum, then we will check for a few other things as this birth defect can go straight down the mid-line.  Meaning her thalamus, thyroid, heart, etc.  Not a bit worried.  She either has it or she doesn't.  Does not change who she is for one second.  In addition, if you met this child, you'd say that is a normal 4yo to me.  Me too!

Summer has such a contagious smile.  Very contagious.  Summer literally just lights up a room by coming into it.  Now, rewind a few weeks ago.  She could not be in the same room as us.  We were not allowed to hold her.  Couldn't bathe her w/out the torturous sounding screams.  It was horrible.  I didn't know if we'd ever break through to her.  Slowly but surely, we did.  Now, she tells me she loves me.  Squeezes me all the time.  She is just a doll.  Pure delight.  Emotionally, she has a long ways to go.  More like a 2yo in that department.  We can work w/ that though.  Summer is also not potty trained.  I was told she was.  No, she's not.  We are working on that this week.  It's going.  I won't say it's going okay and won't say it's going badly.  It's just going.

Summer has found her voice.  And, she uses it.  No problems there.  She is spoiled by all her siblings.  Yep, every single last one of them spoils her in a different way.  She loves to squeeze me as tight as she can and tell me in Bulgarian she loves me.  For goodbye, she says boo bye.  We absolutely adore this little girl.  She has come full circle for sure.  For a time, we didn't know if we'd make it.  Being honest here.  Today though, different story.  She fits right into this family like a glove.  She loves doing workbooks like her homeschooling sibs.  I just let her color.  She's not ready for work quite yet though she listened today all about bones and loves being read to.  Summer is a shoe fanatic!  She was this way in Bulgaria too when we'd pass by a shoe shop.  It's just hilarious.  And she's a size 9 shoe.  She'll wear any size though if she likes it.  LOL. She loves to dance w/ Max every night.  Jumping on the trampoline & swinging on the swing set are two of her favorite things to do.  She is in total control of the dogs.  Summer can hold her own for sure. 

She is full of spunk and full of life!  Just knowing this little girl is an honor.  I can not tell you how much we love her.  I know a few weeks ago it seemed so out of reach.  Now, she lays down to bed, cries the whole way up the stairs b/c she doesn't want to go to bed, and goes to sleep w/ her pink lamb that plays Jesus Loves Me.  I love seeing all the new stuff she's been experiencing.  Her expressions are priceless.  I wish everyone on here could see this gem.  I know not many would take a chance on a child that was said to be missing part of her brain, mentally challenged and not talking much.  I'm actually thankful for that as that meant we were able to receive this great gift of a little girl.  I wish I had more words for her than amazing.  She is by all accounts a normal little 4yo in my eyes.  Such innocence, such trust (now), such peace about her, etc.  Too many words needed to describe this wonderful child.  Summer Grace is just too precious.  You hug her, you don't want to  let go.  She smiles and you want to smile all the time.  She has a way to draw you in.  I do not know what is in store for this little girl but I know the plans must be great for her.  Honestly, I can't understand how we were chosen to be her parents.  I'm just so happy w/ her. 

The child that did not want to go near me, tells me in Bulgarian everyday that she loves me.  I didn't know on that first trip if she'd ever talk.  Now, she won't be quiet.  LOL.  Love it!  I call her my baby girl.  She is in many ways still a baby.  I know from experience, that will fade quickly so I'm savoring every moment.  Every single one. 

Irina playing with Summer.  

Okay, ignoring the horrific mess in the background.  Just focus on her eyes.  The sadness is gone.  her future is so bright.  The messy hair is from playing.  I don't mind one bit to see her running around all over the place.  To me, her eyes just look content and happy. 

I want everyone to meet my baby girl.  Really look at the joy she has about her.  She will change your life.  I know she's changed ours.  I will keep you posted on her progress and her dx's.  I do feel though her hydrocephalus dx and missing corpus collosum will most likely be different.  And if they're not, it does not change one bit of who she is or what she can do.  Please say hello if ever in the neighborhood.  You will not regret meeting her. 

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  1. Awwwhhhh, I just love her! She is blossoming right in front of our very eyes. Such a sweetheart!