Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's see a parade (part II)

I left off w/ the parade so figured I'd finish it tonight. 

Summer and one of her many 'spoilers.'  

Alyona, enjoying the parade. 

 The group of us for a photo op.  I don't think we did too badly.  Most smiling.  It was a wonderful day for a parade.  Kids enjoyed this day very much.  See, we'd gone to Kanki for our adoption celebration for lunch, went to the parade and then to Shoe Carnival to buy all shoes from their grandparents.  Was just a pleasant day all around.  Added bonus was getting to see my cousin at the parade. 

Summer and Daddy making the long walk back.  This is still her favorite hat.

Bojan and Alyona goofing around.  

Two more of my almost teens.  Still can't believe that one.  

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.  With 6 posts done this evening, I think I'm going to work on baking the rest of the cookies.  Yana and Irina went to watch a movie at a friend's house.  Alyona went to bed super early b/c she doesn't feel good.  May have to take her in tomorrow.  We'll see.  Summer went to bed early just b/c all of us had had enough of her.  Let's just say the food groups candy, cookies, cake and chocolate do not mix for her.  Geez.  Live and learn.  Tomorrow we'll be here taking care of some loose ends and cleaning some more.  Church will be Saturday 4pm service and Sunday is of course Christmas.  A day to put batteries in and figure out how everything works.  LOL. 

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