Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's see a parade (part I)

2 weekends ago we went to a local parade.  Now, some in the past have gone to the parade b/c well, it's just funny at times and we'll leave it at that.  They have stopped the boy scouts from hurling candy to the crowds.  I kid you not when I say people used to go to this parade w/ baseball mitts to catch the candy.  It was hilarious!  And people came for that among other reasons.  Well, they're no longer allowed to throw candy which my kids were pretty bummed about.  They pass out the candy now.  However, it was still a fun day though unseasonably warm.  It was supposed to be much cooler out.  Shouldn't complain, cold weather will be here soon enough.

 Walking to the parade.  With our van, you have to park a ways away.  Not to mention we were late...typical.  Notice Reni and Yana?  I'd say they bonded. 

Okay, the reason this parade has a front loader in it is b/c the Caterpillar plant is located in Clayton.  A big facility.  Lots of new equipment all the time.

 Max and Bojan.  Told you they're two peas in a pod.  They no longer come to see the parade for floats.  They come to check out girls but won't admit it.  LOL.

NC is a farming state of course.  So agriculture is big here.  So are the carts.

My kids love these little cars.  They would be so much fun to drive around.

 We spotted my cousin and they spotted us across the street.

 Okay, this was just funny.  These kids were dressed in prison jumpsuits and handcuffed together.

It was to go w/ the bail bonds truck.  Don't you love the kids in jail?!  LOL.  I'm sure that is at least one parent's Christmas wish come true.

Summer, enjoying her candy cane.

Some of my kids hanging out w/ my cousin Allison.  Yeh, I'd say they're fitting in w/ the family just fine.  

Broke this up into two sections.  got to go put Summer to bed.  She's driving us all crazy this evening for some reason.  Was it the cookies, the cake, the chocolate or the candy?  Hmmm, not sure. 

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