Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is it torture??

Weird title but when you see the pictures of Yana, you have to think to yourself why would she subject herself to this by her sibs.  What is it??

Why braiding hair of course.  I guess they were bored during the commercial breaks.  This is what they did w/ their time.

Yeh, that does not say fun in my book but rather "torture."  Look at the look of pain on Yana's face.  Having your hair pulled in 5 different directions will do that to you I guess.

They wanted to see just how tiny they could get some of those braids.  Umm, yeh.  BTW, the smaller the braid, the longer it takes to get out.  I also like this shot as someone is holding Yana's hand for comfort.  Too funny.

Honestly, they were all being really meticulous.

Bojan did not want to risk his sibs doing a number on his head so he decided to have Max give him a haircut w/ the clippers.  

Nik, looking on to see if Max missed any spots.  

They were all pretty good sports.  Since my hair is really long, they asked if they could braid my hair.  I said not quite yet.  Didn't you see the expression on Yana?  Oh boy.  Not sure I could handle that "torture" quite yet.

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