Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hugs and hanging out

You know, I said that Summer would be spoiled rotten, right.  Well, she definitely is.  She seems to have one certain gentleman wrapped around her finger.

Summer would not go to sleep.  She really is scared when she lays down.  So, I brought her downstairs and this is who she went to.  Max.  He sat there and rubbed her back and then carried her back upstairs to bed when she fell asleep.

Some girls just hanging out.  One day they'll be a shot of my house w/out clutter.

Okay, our $2 papasan chairs finally broke.  And, 2 couches are not quite enough for us all.  So, found this thing at TJMaxx.  Kids LOVE it.  It is soft and rather neat to try to sit on.  They manage balancing better than I do on that thing.  

She almost never stops smiling.  It's so great to see every single day.  

No, it's not messy enough in the loft area kids, why not play some more games and get stuff all over the floor.  Kids had friends spend the night last night and played bingo and go fish.  

 Summer, styling w/ her trench coat.  She loves to change clothes a few times a day.  The clothes laying on the floor there are clothes the boys were trying on to see what fits and what doesn't. 

We do have a big table or bar for them to play at but they prefer the cardboard box on the floor.  Oh well.  Hey, works for them so I'm not complaining.

Nik and Logan playing Bingo.  Sort of.  LOL.  Love that neither one of them can yell out the numbers.  

We've had a laid back kind of weekend thus far.  Thank goodness.  More posts to come.

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