Friday, December 2, 2011


Homeschooling.  Geez, I wish I were better at it.  I do.  I know though from the past w/ Irina and Max that the first few months really are finding out what the kids can and can't do and redoing your expectations.  Finding the groove.  Well, we threw in an adoption in the mix of it all this year.  This is my first year homeschooling the younger kids.  We really were doing great in the beginning w/ momentum.  I think it was the newness of it all.  Now, I'm going to be redoing their lesson plans a bit.  We do read every day and do math and English every day.  And of course PE. And art most days.  And, we were doing a lap book on explorers before we left for Bulgaria.  Love the lap book concepts and so do the kids. 

We will be getting back into history next week.  Finishing up those explorers.  Thought we'd be done by now honestly.  Next we'll be going into the colonies and then right into the revolution and things. 

Science started out strong and feel guilty even admitting that we haven't done much of it lately.  So, next week that will be a priority for sure.  I mean the kids and I both enjoyed making the solar oven and studying the sun and things.  I don't know why we got so sidetracked.  Going to be finishing up what little we need to and move straight into the human body.  The kids are excited about that and I have some great projects and kits for them to do. 

I know they're learning.  Alex really is working hard on multiplication.  Alyona is still struggling very much in all areas.  However, she really is enjoying working w/ Reni on English and phonics.  Happy about that as it gives her a self-esteem boost.  With FAS, you have short- term memory issues.  I can tell Alyona something and five minutes later, it's lost.  That was today for time.  I tried so hard.  Just not sinking in.  We'll get there.  Summer is just coloring for now. Logan is working on word searches to just get acquainted w/ English letters at this point.  Reni is on about the same level as Nik for math.  So, rather behind.  Logan is about on the same level as Alex but w/ a bit more understanding I believe.  We'll see.  Still a bit early and only given them stuff here and there to gauge where they're at. 

I've started Alex on these things I got at a yard sale for a quarter each.  They are from Highlights.  A secret agent packet.  Put together a puzzle for the clue.  You have a guidebook that tells all about the country you're in.  You find clues in the workbook and find out "who dun it."  He LOVES it and it really is cool learning about a different country.  I have about 30 of these things so this will help him a lot. He's on Great Britain this week.  Fun. 

Just thought I'd give a bit of an update.  Still learning...all of us.  Well, need to go.  4th post of the night.  Hey, if I do this all weekend, I will be caught up.  Yeh, I wouldn't bank on it either. 

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