Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Irina!!!

Yes, it is Dec. 27th and Irina's birthday.  Doesn't feel like it though as we celebrated early so that her friend could come out to eat with us as she'll be out of town this week.  It was Irina's request.  She couldn't decide on Red Robin or Chinese.  She finally picked Chinese buffet.  New concept for the 3 new kids...going up for more.  We headed over there in two cars.  Yes, still looking into the shuttle bus but can't do it till we try to sell this home.  However, shuttle bus is definitely in the plans as this two car thing stinks when going somewhere.  Our van seats 12 and there are 12 of us but usually, we're carrying others with us as well.  Anyhow, there are very few photos of Irina as she, Yana and her friend wanted to go off and go shopping a few stores down.  They're teens, we let them.  That's why you won't see many pics of Irina for her birthday dinner. 

Only one of my kids would go to a Chinese buffet to get pizza and french fries.

When they smile, you know they're up to something.

Still a cutie pie.  She has one speed....slow.  And that includes eating.

Normally, if we go out, we make them all get water.  This time, let everyone get soda.  Alex was in heaven w/ his Mountain Dew.  He and I have the same taste. Funny as about half of us are Mountain Dew and half Dr. Pepper.

Irina and Nik goofing around.

Irina, waiting for some to finish up.  

Reni, enjoying her meal.  She loved the concept of going back up for more.

All in all, a great time.  We had cake later with Irina.  This week we went shopping and Irina got some clothes for her birthday.  She has told us repeatedly she doesn't want to be 19 as that means she's almost close to 20 and will have more responsibilities.  Not ready for the 'real world' and that's fine.  Told her she can stay here as long as she likes.  

Irina has gone from wanting to sit and drive the lawnmower w/ her daddy (she was 12 here) to wanting to drive her dad in the car as soon as she gets her license.  We have witnessed great changes in Irina over the last few years.  She is such a compassionate young lady.  She is kind, hard working, motivated, filled with potential, a great big sister and many more things you can add to this list.  I know she is going through a tough time dealing with becoming an adult and accepting who she is.  Trying to get her to see all she has overcome thus far.  She was not expected to be able to read or pass a second grade level.  Irina has far exceeded those expectations set by the head of the EC department.  Love proving them wrong and showing them what great things our kids CAN do with proper guidance.  We are certainly proud of the young lady Irina has turned into.  Hoping and praying that her 19th year is filled with accomplishments a mile long! 

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  1. Dear Irina ~ I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are such a lovely young woman and you have a lot of good things to give to the world. I am excited to see all of the great things that God has planned for your life. Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Hugs ~ Jo