Thursday, December 22, 2011

Going through old drafts

I will be going through old drafts I've had in the box over the next few days.  The last one was written for Summer's Gotcha Day.  Reading it, I see just how far she has come.  Oh my!  Just a different kid.  So, the next few days may be posts from way back when.  Who knows.  LOL.  Just cleaning files everywhere.  My clutter spaces at home are being reduced at a great rate.  It's wonderful.  Very freeing for sure.  We have enough paperwork on our kids to weigh as much as our kids.  Right now, finding more ways to organize.  That includes answering emails and such.  I can't tell you how many thank you's I owe people.  I'll get one started and be interrupted.  Happens often in this house.  So, if I haven't answered you back, I promise I'm getting there.  But, our kids come first.  And now, Alyona is sick.  Check her in the morning.  If not better by then, she needs to go in.  Alyona is one of ours that will go downhill very quickly and better to be proactive w/ her for sure.  Stay tuned the next few days for out of order posts possibly.  And some upfront honesty. 

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