Friday, December 9, 2011

Gingerbread house epic fail

If some of you have followed this blog for awhile now, you are well aware of my feeble attempts every year to make a gingerbread house w/ the kids.  It has NEVER turned out....ever.  Last year, my sister sent me a gorgeous REAL gingerbread house.  This year, my mom sent me a fake gingerbread house to keep for years to come.  After I finally convinced the kids to stop picking off the fake gumdrops, & hot glued them back on, it was awesome to look at.  Still, I wanted to try it.  Was this going to be the year?  I documented our somewhat pathetic attempt.  BTW, that easy to assemble label is a blatant lie.

Everyone seems very excited about starting this project.  Alex was beside Nik & not in the picture. You can tell who the camera hogs are, right?

Nik, helping to roll out the fondant.  With my grandmother's old rolling pin.  She was a talented cook and baker.  Me, not so much.  Though I will say I can make cakes and decorate them.  Used to work in a bakery so learned a bit.  Wished they'd taught me to make eggs.  

We were in the process of reading directions at this point.

After we made some windows and doors w/ the fondant, I let them have what was left.  I tried a small piece.  Yuck!  I don't see how they can eat that stuff.  Edible or not.  

She doesn't seem to mind how this project is going.

Serious about her icing this little one.

Why I still had her in a dress, I'm not sure.  That green icing though pretty much matches "Shrek's swamp" out back.  

No kids, put some more sprinkles on there.  Clearly, there are not enough on those cookies yet.  Notice Reni picking them off the table?

Even w/ the repair on the back of the house, we really thought at this point it may actually stay erect.  It may work!  Excitement was building.  Maybe, just maybe we could get a roof on this sucker this year.  After all, it did say easy to assemble.  

This was clearly not our year, again, for a gingerbread house.  It just is not meant to be.  Unless Martha Stewart delivers one herself, it's not going to happen.  

Why I didn't do this in the beginning, I'll never know.  Why not just dump the stupid kit out, splatter some icing on it and eat away?  

No matter how disgusting it looks, kids will eat anything.  As long as there is candy involved.  

So another Christmas attempt at our illusive gingerbread house.  Hey, there's always next year.  

Many more posts to come.  I really am catching up.  This is post 2 for the night.  Been a very busy week and I'll explain in a bit.  For now, I just look at the fake gingerbread house (which looks very real, btw) and enjoy it. 

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  1. Wow I thought I was the only person who could not assemble that stupid house.
    Did it once and that was enough for me.