Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally, an appointment.

Finally, an endocrine appointment for Alex next week.  Mind  you, we've been trying since September 27th to get him an appointment.  Ridiculous, I know.  I've bit my tongue more than you know.  Alex has needed this appointment for awhile now. 

Maybe then my son won't have to be decked out in a hat 24/7.  This picture he was hot b/c he didn't have on his famous fleece jacket to go w/ the hat.  For once, he wont' have to come off the soccer field in 70 degree weather b/c he's going to pass out.  He'll be able to be the active kid we know once we figure out what is going on w/ his body.  This has been happening for years though we thought originally, it was part of his FAS temperature regulating issues he has.  It's clearly not.  Yana is cold too & Alyona but this is different in Alex.  So, assuming next week they'll draw blood and then we'll have a follow up.  I just want answers so my very athletic and active son can live life to the fullest w/ out a cooling vest and w/out having to worry about passing out while kicking in a goal!  His appointment is December 8th next week.  Just want answers.

Many more posts to come.  Next one is on Logan.  For now, making cookies w/ the girls.  We read this morning.  Cookies next.  After that, Christmas craft project.  Then, boys make a batch of cookies.  We're going to study Christmas around the world this week and different traditions.  Project.  So, why not kick it off w/ cookies?  LOL.  Okay, so maybe the cookies are more for me than the kids.

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