Friday, December 23, 2011

'dem bones & a tree

Okay, so a little while ago we were studying bones and the human body.  I thought I'd pull out the Halloween crafts and let them make a skeleton and identify the bones as they put it together.  So, they got to work.

The homeschoolers and one little working on skeletons.  This kit was a magic school bus kit.  LOVE these things.  

Nik proud of how his skeleton is coming along.

Reni, showing off her skills.  As someone mentioned earlier, he eyes don't cross much any more.  Amazing what a pair of good glasses can do for a kid.

Nik, comparing his skeleton to the one on the wall.  Well, human body on the wall.  They put various organs and bones on it.  Great kit.

 Can you tell Nik had fun doing this?

Alyona had no problem teaching her baby doll about bones.  Hey, at home school, dolls can participate too.

Logan decided to give his bones some 'style' w/ glitter glue.  Made hair and I think a bow tie.

A partially decorated tree.

Look closer.  Yes, they did.  they put their skeletons on the tree.  They thought it would be so cool.  I let them.  Yes, they're still on there...unfortunately.  Hey, can't stomp out creativity.  

More posts to come.  We are hanging around the house today.  Kids have their friends over.  Made more cookies and still have more to make.  After that, we are making dog treats.  Yes, making our own dog treats and raw hides.  If they turn out, I'll share the site and such.  Hey, maybe they'll be better than the gingerbread houses.  Who knows.  We're going to attempt to make our own dog treats, raw hides, and our own bread this weekend.  If we can even do just those things, it will save us immensely on costs.  We'll move onto our own soap and laundry detergent later.  One at a time.  I used to make my own soap so at least I know how.  LOL.  Looking for ways to cut costs here and there as in Jan. insurance costs are going up.  Trying to make of the difference.  Any suggestions, let me know.  More to come.  Right now, potty training gone wrong.  Got to go.

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