Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 3-- it's hard to say goodbye

We woke up and left for Summer's orphanage.  It's a 4 hour drive but we made it in 3 hours.  130 to 140km the whole way.  Nascar should train here.  Got there and went up that long stair way.  Opened the door, they say we're here and I could hear the screams down the hall.  I knew it was her.  She was clinging to a caretaker for dear life.  Now, I'm told they were preparing her all week for us coming.  You must remember, a huge life transition is hard on anyone let alone a little four year old who has no idea what is  about to happen to her.  To say she was nervous would be a terrible understatement.   This was hard to watch.  Hard for me as a mom knowing I could not be allowed to comfort my own daughter as of yet or it would just scare her more.  For those new to adoption, this can happen.  They informed us she wears diapers at night but b/c of the big transition now, she wears diapers all the time.  Glad I brought the pull-ups. 

She was dressed and knew it was time to go.  They gave her a sedative anti- nausea medicine to help w/ the drive back.  Summer was clearly in distress with all that went on.  Her life would changing forever from that moment forward.  Though it will be great in the long run, she has no idea & is just frightened.  The caretakers were wonderful about it all.  They understood.  As hard as it was for us all, we all knew it was in her best interest to go.  We did not stay long.  We did not even get hardly any pictures as our focus was totally on Summer.  It had to be.  She is one very scared little girl right now and understandably so.  Summer had never been in a car.  They told us that right before we left.  That is why they gave her medicine to help her in the car.  The caretakers gave us a little life book of her.  I love it when they do that!  The kids treasure these when they are older.  The staff at the orphanage is really going to miss her.  You can tell.  I told them I'd send a picture of her smiling.  I will be able to get pictures back to them which is wonderful. 

We made it back here with no issues in the car.  She was fantastic in the car.  Once she knew no one else was around, she also started to cling to me more.  This is normal for a child going through this experience.  We settled in the apartment a bit & then went for a quick stroll to get pizza & salad for dinner.  We've sprayed the kitchen so hopefully we can cook in it again tomorrow.  Summer was just in awe.  Everything is new to her.  That's why we didn't go far & didn't go somewhere crowded.  I wished I'd taken her picture of her drinking sprite.  Priceless.  You could tell it was her first time taking a sip.  She was people watching too.  We had pizza and shopska salad.  Delicious.  We are not sure if she is right or left handed.  And, she needs help w/ learning how to hold a fork.  She drank out of the glass just fine though.  Sweet as sweet can be.  just scared at the moment. 

Came home & decided to give her a bath.  That is also a new concept and will have to wait.  I'm going to see if she'll take one tomorrow w/ her new sister.  Maybe seeing her sister not being afraid of the water will help her.  Keep in mind, some children are terrified of water when they come home from an orphanage.  Alex was the same way.  My kids were petrified of our pool.  Now, I can't get the fish out of the water.  LOL.   I'm sure by next summer, she'll be swimming like the rest of the kids.  Got her dressed for bed.  She hasn't spoken a word yet except for nay when I said Leka Noscht (good night).  Slowly but surely, she's coming around.  Please continue to lift Summer up in prayer.  She has a big transition coming up.

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  1. Hi Stephanie,

    I thought you might have mentioned this before, but are Summer, Logan and Reni biological siblings?