Saturday, December 31, 2011

Darts, dear friend and drama

Well, it's New Year's Eve.  Alyona and Reni are spending the night at a friend's house.  The teen girls have someone staying here.  All are watching a movie.  I'm up here catching up on emails and posts.  Hoping tomorrow we can finally stay home and go nowhere.  Would be nice to catch up on some lingering house stuff.  We are diligently organizing and reorganizing in order to sell.  Crazy.  Even though it will be an "as is" sale, you still have to be 'show ready.'  12 people, 3 dogs, equals nowhere near show ready.  Not a bit!  Hey, giving it a shot, that's for sure.  Time for some more pictures.

Warren, getting ready.  For what?

 Look at the top of his head.  Yes, the kids were taking turns shooting nerf darts at Warren's head.  I still can not believe he let them do this. 

Over the years, I've met some dear friends online.  The other day a wonderful surprise came in the mail very unexpectedly.  Kids tore open the box.  Inside were all kinds of goodies. If you'll notice, there is some LA flare.  This family is from LA.  A lady in the process of a Bulgarian adoption.  She cared enough to send our family, she'd never met in person mind you, a Christmas box.  Everything from socks to some creole seasoning.  So neat.  We have really enjoyed the various goodies.  And believe it or not, there's still some left!  Thank you Janah! 

 Summer, enjoying some of the LA Mardi Gras beads.  My teens had no idea what they're for.  LOL. 

What would a dinner be without some drama in our house.  This shot caught Alyona just finishing up slapping Irina on the head.  Nice, I know.

 Alyona, not wanting to be seen now.

Ahh, maybe just a bit.  Face was all red. 

Nik and Reni wanting to get in on the action w/ their cameras.  Notice the nice piece of orange in Reni's mouth?  This was a dinner gone bad.  Well, not really as 11 out of 12 were laughing.  And, before you jump on things, let me explain a bit more.  We have some drama kings and queens here for sure.  Something little will be totally blown out of proportion and this is what happened here w/ Alyona.  It just became absolutely ridiculous.  And, the thing was you could get Alyona to stop crying and start laughing on cue!  So, these were real, but fake tears at the same time if you know what I mean.  She could turn them on and off.  So, we just all decided to make it funny versus playing into the drama.  It ended fairly quickly after she realized we weren't playing into the 'show.'  Now, if this were more "real," obviously there would be no pictures and we'd tend to the issue at hand.  But this was one of those just stupid, stupid scenes that kept growing.  By the end, all of us were laughing including the one crying.  At first, Reni was so concerned about Alyona.  Shortly, she knew this was not "real."  She was not hurt or distraught.  She just wanted attention.  Even though she doesn't speak English yet, Reni got right in there and started teasing her sister.  I ended that one quickly though.  Though we're all playing around, kids know certain rules still apply.  

I shared b/c I know some of you other parents must have some drama in your house as well.  This is a whole lot better than when they pretend they're hurt.  In our house, that is Logan through and through.  They all eventually learn the drama doesn't get you the attention you seek.  Part of it is an orphanage learned behavior.  The louder or more dramatic you were, the more attention you received.  They have to slowly unlearn this over time.  And yes, some of ours from years back are still learning.  Kids. 

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