Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Christmas to Remember

Last Christmas, we were longing for our children to be home.  To be one family.  To be complete.(at least we hope so this time!  LOL)  It's always very difficult knowing you have children waiting for you across the ocean and they are not with you during such a special time.  I remember feeling the same when we were going through Yana and Alex's adoption.  It's hard.  Very, very hard.  Yet, what keeps you going is envisioning them here the following year.  Celebrating everything you do and making it special for them.  I did not know if my children would even be ready to go out in public for this Christmas season.  They were plenty ready.  They have been shopping with us a little, enjoyed Meadow Lights with everyone, went out to eat, went to a Christmas parade, and tonight, went to Christmas Eve service at church.  Last year with that longing in my heart seems so far away now.  They are here.  They are real and they are our Christmas Miracles this year for sure.  Trust me, if you knew half of what went on during our lengthy adoption process, you'd say the same thing.  I still have yet to write about it all.  In time.  For now, enjoying the little things.  Right now, all are downstairs, drinking hot cocoa and watching the Polar Express.  Warren is making his homemade marinara sauce for spaghetti tonight.  Just seems like a very normal Christmas Eve, yet we've only been home a few weeks and have ten kids now.  Amazing.  Just simply amazing.  It means we've all meshed as family.  I took some pictures today of the kids at church.  Well, outside of church. I did not take them in the church though I should have.  Max and Bojan got to be ushers today and I think that made their day.  Though Logan was upset at first b/c he thought they got to keep the money.  LOL.  Yeh, he's still learning.  Got to remember, none have been to church before.  At least that's what they've told us.  So, more new experiences for them.  Just wanted to share a few photos b/c I thought they looked wonderful tonight.

 The three younger girls messing around. 

 The 5 boys with Dad.  Okay, so the sneakers were a huge compromise.  We're working on things with them.  None enjoy dress shoes.  Plus, at the moment, I only believe one had dress shoes.  Now that puppies are out of that chewing stage, hope to pick some up soon.  Meantime, sneakers it is.

Just the boys, take one.  No good.  Max's mouth is open.  And Bojan has a weird look.  

Take two.  I'll take it!  They're actually smiling!  And, no one is hitting anyone.  See, it is a Christmas Miracle.  

 Oh my goodness, I think they may actually all be smiling.  Okay, so close enough.  And Summer is not even looking forward but for the most part, not bad.

Take two...a little better.  

Some beautiful girls I do believe.  Sisters united...finally.  

Summer, with her sparkling shoes.  And new coat to boot from Nana.  

 Alyona, watching Polar Express.  I think she's in a trance. 

Yana and Kota.  Bojan, trying to say he's not drinking in the living room...technically.  He had hot cocoa.  

All the kids are waiting for spaghetti.  All are about as excited as they can be about tomorrow.  Reni and Logan have an idea but in the same token, they don't.  Last year, in their orphanage, they got pieces of chocolate under their pillows.  I think they will loose their minds tomorrow.  I actually think the teens may loose their minds if they find out what they got.  There were awesome cyber deals I found.  Our budget was really super tight but I think all will be very happy.  Okay, so Nik is not getting his zip line, unicycle, giant parachute wheel or guinea pigs he asked for.  Santa went the safer route this year.  I do believe, it will be a Christmas to remember for all.  And I am not just talking about having gifts to open.  I am talking about simply being together as one family.  Today, Max was helping Logan put his suit on despite Logan driving Max nuts earlier.  Why?  Because that is what brothers do.  With all that we have been through this past year, with all that came our way, with adoptions that were hanging in the balance, it is with great pleasure I can say we will have our first Christmas morning together tomorrow.  As a family.  We are settled.  We are happy.  We are family.  Plain and simple.  Merry Christmas to all!

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  1. What a beautiful family! Merry Christmas my friend! So happy you are all together!