Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve suprise

Well, the other day on Christmas Eve we received a surprise phone call.  The phone call was from Santa! 

The kids were just a tad excited.  At first, Alex did not believe it was Santa.  Alex assumed it was Dad.  

Alex really changed his mind when I told him to look in the kitchen.  He saw dad standing there...with no phone.  Alex was saying "it really is Santa!"  The kids talked forever here.  I'm not quite sure why Alex's eyes are so dilated.  This typically only happens during RAD rages or meltdowns.  Was weird seeing them this way in a normal emotional response.  So, who was behind the Santa calls?

Maxwell!  He had SO much fun doing this w/ them.  It was great.  

Alaska, waiting patiently for Santa to put things in her stocking.  BTW, stupid dog kept chewing the lights.  So, they didn't work on the bottom part of the tree.  

It really was neat to see the looks on their faces while they were talking to Santa.  Even Reni and Logan knew who it was.  They were all so giddy afterwards.  Gee, should have done this before dinner.  Might have been a more peaceful dinner.  Oh well, next year.  

Warren has to do some more work here this evening.  So, hoping to get a blog post or two up.  He got home at 10pm this evening.  Poor guy.  This was his day off.  And yes, working tomorrow as well.  Hope this doesn't happen next week.  It's his birthday.  He and Bojan share the same birthday.  I want to do something special but revenge is bittersweet.  See, my b-day is shortly after his.  So whatever I would even conger up, he'd do it ten times worse to me.  LOL.  Bojan is turning 13yo and Warren is turning 50.  Lots of big celebrations.   Bojan has yet to tell me what he wants to do for his birthday or even what he wants.  Nothing like last minute kiddo.  For those wondering, I'm finally catching up on a few emails too.  Wahoo!!!  Getting organized is one of my resolutions.  I'm off to a grand start.  Under the bathroom cabinets.  In the closet, etc.  I was on a roll today.  How long before they mess it up? 

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