Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day Chaos (part 3)

Short break from blogging yesterday as we were out of town visiting Warren's parents.  More on that visit later.  Trying to finish one thing up at a time.  Went to Social Security office to take back the citizenship papers we finally received on Logan.  His were late coming in and cards won't be right if they don't see the papers.  Anyhow, took care of that and used a reward cert for Eddie Bauer since in the same exact area.  Hey, can't pass up "free money."  And, with after
Christmas deals, got a really nice blanket for us all to share on the couch.  Warren is now at the dentist.  Some of my kids are exploring the woods w/ neighbor kids, some are eating the pile of junk still left over, some are cleaning and some are just watching spongebob.  I think there's 15 or so kids here today.  Not sure.  Don't count any more.  As long as I have a visual and as long as they all help out, we're good.  But, this is giving me a little time to catch up on organizing and also some blog posts.  So, need to get back to Christmas Day.

 Okay, Summer is just too dog gone slow when it comes to opening presents. 

Then we have the opposite problem w/ speedy here.  Reni, getting her mp-3 player.  She LOVES music.  Think there's enough wrapping paper here?  

Yes, the one w/ OCD goes immediately to work when she's done w/ her stuff.  IRina can't stand paper on the floor.  And we have lost parts this way as well.  URGHH!!!  

Summer couldn't believe she got another bike!  Though her favorite is the two wheeler.  When we first came home, she couldn't figure out how to pedal. Now, she's a pro.  

Alyona with her crocheting needles and some pearls.  

This goes into the category of 'what in the world was I thinking?!'  Farting slime.  Yes, that wasn't a typo.  The kids love this stupid stuff.  Trouble is, it went all over the living room rug, loft area carpet, and the pantry.  It then disappeared forever.  

 Just a few weeks ago in Sofia, this gift would NOT have been possible.  It is a set for the bath tub.  She was so excited that she wanted to go get her bath right then and there.  It's foamy stuff.

Kids waiting to open some group gifts.

 Opening up some group gifts. 

More group gifts.  Reni now understands if you say family it means we all share it.  Took a little while for her to understand that concept...sharing.  

Irina reading to everyone the note that Santa left.  There is a message in there that Santa gave mom & dad some money to later buy a zip line.  Trouble w/ that is Nik wanted to go shopping right then and there for his zip line.  Despite us waking up at 5:48 am and only having about 2.5 hours sleep, kids were not about to let us go back to bed.  The aftermath of Christmas is next post.  See, there is only so much stimulation kids w/ certain disorders can handle.  We almost hit critical mass but not all the way.  It was a long day.  More on it all next.  Warren just got home from the dentist.  Need to make sure kids stay away from him.  He hurts...badly.  Dentist doesn't seem to be making anything better imo.  Another wait and see what happens visit.  Much more to come.  Just need to make sure they stay settled.  More later this evening. 

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