Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day Chaos (part 2)

And then it is time for the big event.  The time they've been waiting for.  The time we've been using to bribe them into being good.   You know, "I'll tell Santa," can only go but so far.  Keep in mind, some of these kids look pretty tired.  Should be.  Nik's screams at 5:48 a.m. were not for the faint of heart.  Geez kid. Next year, I think sedatives are in order.  Or at least some benedryl for dinner.  LOL. 

Summer went straight to her bike and did not want anything else.  At all.  Could have some some serious cash with that deal had I known.  

Bojan was not too thrilled w/ the slap bracelet I gave him. Read it.  

Alex is extremely happy with his new touch screen player thingy.  Yeh, I have no idea what they're called.  He, Nik and Logan got one.  Nik broke his before he even got to use it.  URGHH!!! 

 As you all know, Max likes to create things.  He got this tool kit which will be really great for his wood working stuff and things.  He loved that and his foot locker.  He practically begged for that so he can keep stuff locked up from his brothers.  Yes, that room has reached critical mass and we MUST move. 

Alyona is thrilled and I think Alex is wondering how in the world the elves wrapped that thing.  Remember my helper elves?  Well, Yana wanted to use every piece of scrap paper.  Though I appreciate that level of conservation, it was very time consuming.  

I think Logan is pleased w/ his sketch pads.  He also likes to draw.  Had to solve him, Nik and Alex taking Max's sketch pads.  

Nik wanted an aquarium so we're starting him off small.  There isn't really much room left in that room for a full size aquarium yet.  Plus, we make sure the kids can handle the smaller ones first.  

Typical teenage girl gift...make up.  I think I may have to borrow some.  Pay back.  

This was the one thing on Bojan's wish list.  A dummy.  I have no idea why but he has been using it ever since he got it.  Creeping some of us out.  LOL.  Think there is enough wrapping paper?

 Some of the older kids continuing their unwrapping.  max would have chosen to sleep in till noon had we let him. 

 Alyona's face is priceless here to me.  Love it.  She is SO happy! 

Nik was SO, SO happy giving a big yes w/ his fist.  Caught the moment.  I wished he wouldn't have broken it so soon.  I really do.  The touch screen was too fragile for him to handle.  With him being so meticulous, I really thought he could handle it.  I will send it back but no guarantees I'll get it replaced. 

These three are literally in utter shock that they got a tablet for Christmas.  This is HUGE for them in more than one way.  If you'll remember, none of my kids have cell phones, tablets, or media stuff or the like.  We feel they've proven responsibility.  There is only one child I am concerned w/ using it the wrong way.  If they do, it will be confiscated immediately and they know this.  I know my kids are older but due to institutionalization, delayed in many ways.  This is a very big step for them.  Don't worry, Warren is setting it all up.  Kids know this.  This also will allow for more social communication amongst friends which for some is very valuable.  Keeping fingers crossed.  

 Still not believing it's real.  Hey, neither can I.  I actually caught a cyber deal on them that was only a few hours long.  I couldn't even believe it.  Right now, Warren is downstairs getting them online.  Separate router and putting things in place. 

Sports Illustrated calender.  Need I say more?

Today is Tuesday.  Tomorrow we go to my in laws for Christmas celebration there.  Kids are excited and ready to go.  Been a long day today for some reason.  I know kids are still out of whack.  Summer has learned a new word and knows what it means.  Chocolate.  My kind of kid.  Alyona forgot to put her mp-3 player up w/ her headphones  Someone step on the headphones and bent them.  Trouble is, she jammed it back into the player and now there is no way of fixing it to listen to music.  I know it is only day 2 but gee whiz kids, can we stop breaking stuff?  Warren repairs what he can.  Yana really, really messed up her tablet.  She bricked it the day she got it.  Literally about an hour after opening it.  It has taken him 2 days to fix the thing.  And this is from someone who knows exactly what he's doing.    This is where the cause and effect thinking comes into play.  So far broken:  mp-3 player, media player (may be able to send back), tablet (now fixed after buying stuff for it), 2 guns(one Logan/ one Alex), 1 whoopie cushion, 2 sets of headphones and I forget what else.  Just keeping things real here folks.  We duck taped the guns but they broke again.  Oh, and Irina saved Nik's fish that somehow got trapped on the bottom of the tank.  This happens every single year.  We know a lot of it has to do with  FASD.  Some of it though is just kids being kids.  This is why a few years back we gave them a trip for Christmas.  May have to take that route next year possibly.  Don't know.  Don't get me wrong, it was fun to watch but mom and dad are exhausted from fixing things and trying to keep order in the midst of chaos.  

Much more to come.  Today is Irina's birthday.  More on that soon.  I may have to break the Christmas Chaos posts up for a birthday post for sure.  yes, I think I must.  Irina is too important to wait on.  Next post....birthday.

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