Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day Chaos (part 1)

Okay, technically, I'm going to start w/ Christmas Eve after church.  Kids knew they were supposed to go to bed early but everyone was so dog gone excited that no one could sleep.  And despite me being tired, Nik reminded me that I had promised him we'd make cookies for Santa.  I was 'cookied' out.  So, I saw that we had made a batch of cupcakes, just not iced them.  Nik and I made icing together and then I let Nik have at it for cupcakes for Santa this year. 

Do you think Nik is excited about icing cupcakes?

And, off he is to spread on the icing.  I let him do whatever he wanted.

Such concentration on these cupcakes.  

Just love his focus on these cupcakes.  Wish he'd apply that to his school work.

Can never have enough sprinkles.

 His masterpiece.  It was just Nik and I making these and nice to be just w/ him.

Nik was so happy he made the cupcakes for Santa and remembered the milk.  Was mad when I took a sip and yelled at reminded me it was for Santa.  Then, he put his card he made Santa.  I wished I'd taken a picture of it. I'll  have to.  It has hearts all over it and all the family member's names except for Summer.  Hmm, jealous there kid.  LOL.  Actually, there's enough names, he just couldn't spell it.  We'll work on the new kids' names soon.  He got Logan's though. 

Digby feels it's nap time and not time to be up putting presents out at 2am.

These were some of the group gifts under the tree.  Thanks to many who helped us out with that.  It made the difference for sure.  

A view of all the presents just waiting to be opened.  

 4 of the younger kids' presents. 

 6 of the kids' gift piles.  Left hand side starts oldest & works its way on down.  Notice the tv is not a Christmas movie?  We had watched a It's a Wonderful Life (my favorite) and then just needed something different. 

Nik came screaming and yes, I do mean screaming, into my room at 5:48 A.M.!  Mind you, Warren and I went to bed at 2:30 a.m.  Again, my boys do own shirts, I swear to you.  They need to live in the tropics.

Okay, so I know it looks like we're missing a kid but Summer is sitting behind Alex.  And, there was no way these ten were going to let me wait and take a second picture when there were toys awaiting them and gifts.  Stay tuned for more of our Christmas Chaos.

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