Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas craft (part II)

Thought I'd share with you the faces of my homeschoolers and how they feel about the projects they created.  Pretty priceless if you ask me.  Showed lots of creativity.

I don't think that smile could get any wider.  She is quite pleased w/ her work.

 Alyona, still working on hers a bit.  Turned out great.  The squiggly thing on there she created.  I thought that was rather clever.

Now you know why earlier I said look at the green tree.  I'm not sure if he took the easy way out or not.  LOL.  Alex said he liked snow.  So, he made a snow tree.  Geez, hope I don't need any cotton balls any time soon.

I never did get a shot w/ Nik completely finished.  I love how he put gingerbread men on and gave them eyes.  He also cut designs out.  He could easily be a watchmaker as he is so meticulous.  

Logan wanted snow on his once he saw Alex w/ snow on his tree.  

Reni needed a little help like Alyona did but for the most part, did it all herself.  Turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself.  Yes, eventually our tree will get decorated.  Hey, it's up and has lights the first week of December.  That's a Christmas Miracle for this family.  

A closer view of Alyona and her tree.  

I like the fact that all the kids did their own thing w/ their trees.  They had a bunch of fun doing it as well.  Was just a nice time and craft. 

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