Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas, the aftermath

After the opening of presents, it was time to put some things away, see what batteries were needed and things of that nature.  Oh, and time for me to make the pancakes.  You know, since I'm so wide awake at this point anyhow. 

What do you know?  More junk on my counters.  Kids deciding what kind of batteries go in which item.  I'm sure the diaper is on there waiting to be put on Summer.  As you can see, no one is rushing to do the job.

A bunch of the kids' loot on the floor.  Digby enjoying his peanut butter chewy from Santa.  I caught 1/2 price before Christmas at Petsmart.  Dogs were happy.

Nice counters, huh?  Fruit that no one took out of the bags yet and toys everywhere you look Christmas Day.

Even Alaska knows it's stupid to be up this early.  Poor dog's eyes are half way closed still.  

First casualty of Christmas...the living room rug w/ that stupid farting slime.  

 Nik w/ his sock monkey hat and Max putting together Summer's tricycle.  He is our resident handyman.

Alyona trying on Nik's hat.  I think it's a tie w/ who's cutest in it.

 I know what you're thinking.  Your boys never seem to have shirts on and now your little girl has no pants on.  Seriously, no idea why she took them off and in the midst of chaos on Christmas, you just don't ask.  She literally rode this bike all day long around the house.  Yes, while holding the Barbie head.

See, she can get dressed.  This was an outfit my mom bought her for her birthday.  She definitely approves.  Poor Barbie.

More pics to come.  Then lots of other things to say and talk about for sure.  Next few days there will be tons of catching up on things. 

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