Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas the aftermath (part 2)

Yes, Christmas Day seemed to last forever at our house.  Maybe it was the 5:48 wake up call that did it.  Don't know.  But, few more pictures of what we went through and then moving onto other topics for sure.

 Max got all kinds of hot sauces for Christmas.  He decided he should try them by drinking a little of them.  I think the habenero got to him. 

 He couldn't get enough water.  

Ahh, finally daylight!  And what is my daughter doing?  Messing w/ the sauces that Max just burned his mouth with.  

Is that not the biggest whoopie cushion you've ever seen?!  Alyona and Summer watching in amazement.  Irina said after this she's never blowing that up again.  It took quite some time.  They busted the smaller self-inflating whoopie cushion they got.  

 What's with the serious face on Logan?  LOL.  And w/ a toy drum to boot.  He holds the sticks and bangs on the drums as if he's played before.  It appears he's played the drums.  He told me he did in Bulgaria but not sure what capacity since he is so young.  We'll find out once we have more English.  Still, interesting for sure.  See, even older kids have many mysteries inside.  Did you know this kid break dances?  Yes, he does.  Kind of funny to watch. Now, Nik imitates him. 

Alex taking a break w/ an apple.  The day was getting to him.  He holds it together for quite some time but then will meltdown after a bit.  And this is why we always ask people to come to our house for Christmas.  It's just hard on him.

And this is precisely why Max asked for a keep his younger sibs out.  

We had turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, apple pie, etc. for Christmas Dinner.  Which btw, Yana did not attend till later.  URGHH!!!  If you tell me you are going on a short walk, you best define the word 'short.'  More on that situation later.  Teens. God gives you these challenging years so that you appreciate it when they do leave the nest!   That is not a real chocolate Santa by the stove in case you're wondering why it's not melting.

Alex's nickname at dinner is neanderthal man.  Look at the size of the drumstick!  What you don't see is the pile of turkey behind the drumstick too.  This boy can eat.  And in case you're wondering, our grocery bill is just about as much as the mortgage every single month.  He is part of that reason.  LOL.  

Alex, Logan and Summer all plugged in.  Well, Summer's just trying to listen.

Alyona and Logan listening to some tunes.

 This just about sums up the day for you.

All in all, they didn't do too bad for all that Christmas stimulation.  And a few things broke.  Yana bricked her brand new tablet that took Warren 2 days to fix!  Nik broke his player before he even got to use it.  Alyona broke her mp-3 player.  She left her headphones on the floor, someone stepped on them and she plugged  jammed them back into the player.  So broke it for good.  Logan broke the gun by trying to yank it out of the package.  They spilled slime downstairs, upstairs and in the pantry.  Whoopie cushion broke.  Many broken things but spirits were still up.  And that's a good thing for them.  We fix what we can as best as we can.  Kids had a great Christmas though despite the mishaps.  They really enjoyed all their gifts. Though tired, it was nice to see them so happy.  However, there is fallout when you have FASD kiddos and too much happening.  Attitudes these past few days have been almost unbearable.  We're on the upswing so that's good.  So much more to share.  For now, Warren is trying to fix the computer that Max infected w/ a virus.  A wicked one.  Lovely.  And yes, it had antivirus stuff and all that on it.  See, Max did not load some of these things on his computer.  Lessons learned.  Lessons learned.  

Warren has to go to work tomorrow.  Bummer.  Today we actually got the citizenship papers back to social security office.  Was very quick.  Love it.  Summer has already gotten her card.  Alex is spending the night w/ a friend this evening.  Max works tomorrow.  Max and Yana have a party to go to tomorrow evening.  Alyona and Reni are spending the night at a party New Year's Eve.  Tomorrow, we're all cleaning this dump or no one is going anywhere!  Still looking like a demilitarized zone.  More on Nik in a bit.  Just wanted to finish up some of the Christmas posts.  And nope, never did get those Christmas cards out.  Still have yet to get the family portrait done either.  My to do list is not getting to done.  Hey, I figure I can start fresh next year right?  Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year's weekend.

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  1. Hi Steph and Family....Everyone looks wonderful. BTW,,,,Milk instantly cuts the burn..LOL!!! We eat a lot of NM Hatch hot green chili here ;-). Yummy!!!! Glad everyone is doing so wonderful and best wishes with much love for 2012. Lexi had surgery again last week in Los angeles. She doing fairly well. Lots of swelling though. We got home on the 23rd. Blessings..Trisha and Family