Friday, December 16, 2011

Bubbles, balls and brains

Thought it was time for a few more pictures of happenings around here.

Getting ready to try her hand at bubble blowing.

Just watching in amazement.  It's the simple pleasures these kids enjoy the most.

 She is loving her bubble blowing abilities. 

Summer is just such a happy little girl.  I simply love her. 

Alex has gotten so big lately.  That soccer ball was NEW last month from Upwards.  Now, shredding and well used.  They play soccer that much.  Every single day in the yard.

 Logan, getting ready to show some of his skills.

He stopped long enough to pose for the camera.

Logan and Alex wanted me to try to catch them heading the ball.

Alex's turn at it.  By the time these two hit soccer season this year, they should be ready.  They both have some pretty fancy footwork.  Logan's foot work is a bit better but he's teaching Alex.  However, Alex can run circles around him.  So, it's nice to see them teaching each other and getting along.  Alex needed his brother in so many ways.  And I'm not talking just soccer.

The other day the kids were all working on some math.  Reni is about at Nik's level.  I know the shades are closed but that is intentional.  Kids w/ the disorders some of mine have lose attention to fast.  A backyard w/ pool, swing set, trampoline, & woods just draws them in.  So, closed while school work is done.

Nik, reviewing some of the basics.  Found out he needed a little more practice before we moved on.

 Alyona.  She's not happy at the moment b/c I made her use the dictionary instead of spelling it for her.  Oh well. 

I know, lots of stuff piled on the table.  It happens.  We don't clean up during the day until after we are done w/ school.  Really, no point.  Plus, our focus is on the school work.  Alyona was working on writing.  Logan was doing some math.  He and Reni both finger count.  URGHH!!!  

Catching up with things this evening.  Tomorrow, garbage gets taken, cake dropped off at church, job hunting w/ teens, Digby to Petsmart (only dog we don't bathe ourselves for several reasons), Bojan and Yana to a teen lock in w/ youth group(Irina and Max did not want to go), and Mom & Dad at some point need to Christmas shop.  Between all this is the decluttering that is seriously going on.  Sign (FSBO) will be in the yard next month.  More on the house stuff in another post.  Busy weekend I think it may be.  Would love to squeeze in the park w/ the kids but that may have to wait till Sunday.  Beautiful weather here btw.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

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