Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Brothers, through & through

Logan's been home a month.  In his element.  Not afraid to express himself nor afraid to tease his brothers.  Well, the other day, things went downhill.  It happens.  Logan was messing w/ Alex by putting a box or something near his face teasing him.  Alex retaliated by putting some wrestling moves on him.  These are the same two that play soccer with each other every day.  I told Yana put them together.  We were in the midst of being Santa's helpers in the back room.  Anyhow, Yana said that's what you used to do w/ Bojan and I and I hated it.  Umm, yep. 

Yana took some pictures of the event for me.  I think these faces say it all.

Okay, if you're laughing, the punishment is not going well.

Yeh, that's more like it.  And I promise you my boys do indeed have shirts.

Okay, so maybe that wasn't so bad mom.  We'll hold off trying to kill each other till later.  LOL.  Boys.  Brothers.  Always. 

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