Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bojan's Band Concert

So, going through some old pictures and can't believe we forgot to post about this as it was important to Bojan.  Bojan is in band for the first time this year and learning to play the trumpet.  For those that don't know, Bojan is not just missing his leg.  He's missing a finger as well.  In addition, he has many shortened digits and such.  So, we weren't even sure which instrument he'd be able to play.  Well, looks like trumpet suits him just fine.  We weren't home long from Bulgaria when we went to his concert.  Thought I'd share a few shots from it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.  He really is learning and growing in his playing.  Neat to watch.

My handsome young man before his concert.  His first concert.  Sorry about the skeletons on the tree.  Hey, there's a tree there and that was a huge accomplishment for just getting home w/ three new kids.  

Since Bojan got a picture taken, Summer wanted one in her dress.

Happy little girl.  This was before her hair cut.  She is another girlie girl of mine.

Killing time waiting for the concert to start, Nik decides to start braiding Yana's hair.  Many of my boys know how to braid since they have quite a few sisters.

Bojan, walking out.  He's the one in the suit.  Many of the other boys in his class took theirs off.  Don't blame them, too hot.  But, I think Bojan looks sharp!

Bojan in action playing the trumpet.

Bojan, waiting for instructions from the director.  

 The whole 6th grade band playing together.  It's fun b/c I remember those days when I was younger.  See, Warren played the trumpet and I played the flute/ piccolo all the way through my first year of college.  Bojan is our only musician in the bunch thus far.  Nice to see someone else w/ an interest in music.

And, the family coming home.  Certain events, we ALL try to go to if we feel it's important to one child.  We don't make them come to all events but the more significant ones, yes.  I think it is good they support one another.  

More to come.  But, it's New Year's Eve and Warren just brought the burgers in!

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