Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beater, boots and just beat

Thought we needed a few pictures to break of the wordy posts.  More words to come shortly, don't worry.  I know, I talk a lot.  Thankfully, used to be a secretary and can type faster than I can talk practically. 

Do you think Nik is going to enjoy that beater?

Yes, I would certainly say so.  He's definitely my son.  

She bought these boots w/ her money.  My parents sent us an early Christmas gifts so all the kids went to pick out their own shoes.  Summer picked these boots all herself.  Don't mind the face.  It was super late and we were getting ready to leave to go get her hair cut along w/ 3 other kids.  She was tired & ready for bed.

I believe this was after the parade.  She was just plain beat that day.  Yeh, we wore one out!  That's a miracle in itself. 

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