Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another sweet gift

Well, I told you of my mom sending us Tastycakes...yum.  Well, the other day we received yet another wonderful sweet gift.  This time, from my sister Heather and her husband Kevin.  As usual, the kids wonder what's in the box. 

Yes, one day I will take a shot w/out crap all over the counter.  That will be the day we move out of the house though.  Here's the goodies just waiting to be opened.  Don't think I didn't have enough volunteers to open it.  LOL.

There was such a great variety of cookies in here.  And yes, they do taste as good as they look.  Alex and Summer and I were especially fond of the sugar cookies.

sorry so blurry.  Everyone wanted in the picture.  Well, in the picture and closer to the cookies.  

Decisions, decisions.  It really was hard to choose.  We didn't even wait for the others to get home.  I told them they could have ONE now & wait till the other kids got home.  

Even the "little" got a cookie.  Very good cookies and very sweet gift.  And best part, I didn't have to make the cookies!  

I think I had mentioned this the other day.  We came home from the parade and a bag of clothes and box of fruit was on the front porch.  No note, card, nothing.  Still have no idea where this Santa gift came from but it sure was well received and kids thoroughly enjoyed it.  

Food is always, always a great gift for a large family.  This was filled with oranges, apples and some grapefruit.  Almost all gone right now.  My kids go through an entire bag of oranges and apples in a day.  And two big bunches of bananas as well.  All love fruit and veggies and when you receive a surprise gift of them, it makes everyone happy.  Not sure what's up w/ Bojan's expression in this picture.  I think it was a "mom, you're not going to take a stupid picture of this box, are you?" kind of look.  

Just wanted to say thanks so much to Heather & Kevin for our sweet treats and thanks to our secret Santa for the fruit and clothes.  

More to come on just about everything.  I know I'm behind but that audiology visit really threw us for a loop.  More is being looked into at the moment.  Tonight, I should have quite a few more posts.  Just thought I'd do one real fast while kids are taking a break playing outside.  Reni really worked hard on math this morning as did Nik.  All did math and reading. They come back in, we're tackling science and English.  My kids are the type that need little breaks from time to time.  More pictures, more updates, more thoughts.  Ran into two of Nik's old teachers this week. 

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