Friday, December 23, 2011

Annoying things PI kids do

Okay, so that may sound like a heartless, horrible title.  I told you I'd be honest.  After 10 adoptions, I think others have the right to let people know what so many keep quiet about.  Now, things that I say don't apply to ALL kids.  I know that.  But, most my kids have done the things I'm about to list.  We've been home a little over a month now & there are things that these kids do that are just annoying.  They can't help it.  We all know that.  And years later, you can and will laugh about it.  But while it's happening, it drives you absolutely bonkers.  PI btw stands for post institutionalized.  So, my list.  Yours may vary depending upon  your kiddo.  Here's some things we noticed not just this go around but others as well.

1.  Every single thing is new and must be touched.

2.  Ice will go in everything once it is discovered. 

3.  Toilet paper is always thrown in the trash can versus the toilet.

4.  None know the meaning of conserve.

5.  It takes an entire roll of toilet paper to wipe.

6.  They repeat more than a parrot would.

7.  Melodramatic to a tee.  Especially, when hurt.  

8.  Fashion police would arrest them the first month home.  (right now, cleats are in at our house)

9.  Getting through the terror of the dogs.  (9 out of 10 of our kids were petrified)

10. They talk loud enough to wake the dead.

11. If it's on the ground, consider it edible.  Even gum in the middle of an airport.

12. They smell everything as if you're going to poison them w/ your food.

13. Gum will never leave the mouth.

14.  Seat belts are a challenge at first.

I'm sure there are plenty that I left off.  Now, these are not meant to be mean.  Trust me, my older kids and I have laughed at the things they've done over the years.  Now, they are annoyed by some of these SAME habits their new sibs are doing.  It takes a few months to get into routine and adjust to a new life for sure.  These will all pass.  Though, the toilet paper issue is still a problem in this home years later.  Eventually though, kids learn they will get fed.  They don't have to eat off the ground.  They don't have to get things out of the garbage.  we're not making them eat anything weird & they'll stop smelling it while I'm cooking.  The voice will eventually go down.  Reni is the worst one of the new 3 that do this.  Irina used to be the worse out of all of them when home.  They eventually love the dogs.  We're there now w/ that.  Once the English is established, the parroting goes down.  Once they feel more secure and loved, the melodrama will disappear.  See, in the orphanage, the louder you cry, the more attention you would get b/c they actually think something is wrong.  Currently, I look at Logan and say, you're fine.  Go play.  Did it today when he was playing soccer & Nik kicked the ball at his leg.  You would have thought he broke it.  I said no one run to him.  I did NOT go over to him.  That makes it worse b/c they'll play on that.  I said from a distance, Logan, you're fine.  You can play soccer or go in the house.  I turned back around.  He opted to keep playing soccer, kicking the ball just fine.  We do not run to them when they cry the first few months b/c we KNOW it is just the drama.  They need to learn they're fine and attention will come in other ways.  Not only when they're hurt.  Hope that made sense.

Hey, I know not all things are annoying when the kids come home.   But this is like a list when people first have a baby.  They hate it when they cry all night, etc.  Same concept.  Kids are new coming home, totally new life, they will react the best they know how.  Some of the habits though just get to you.  Years though, we'll be laughing like we always have.  Right now I hear "mom, I NEVER did that.  It's SO annoying!"  Umm, yes  you did.  You just blocked it out.  LOL.

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  1. I know you guys are annoyed at these things so telling you that you just made me LOL will probably annoy you more. I know what you're thinking...."just wait". haha! I can't wait to see pictures from Christmas!