Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's wrong w/ this picture? (Bulgarian style)

Thought it would be interesting to start a post w/ some of the  things that might have stuck out.  So, here goes.

It's hard to see what' wrong here.  You can't see the roaches in the picture but trust me, they're there.  Warren calls this our RV kitchen.  There is a tiny 2 burner stove..on top of the fridge.  Dorm sized fridge.  See, only one side of that white part is the fridge.  part of the right.  Didn't keep stuff cold either.  

 You might think nothing is wrong here.  Until you realize these 3 have way too much energy for this late at night. 

It's our mini machine as we call it.  You could fit about 5 articles of clothing in it & then dry them on the rack for about 4 days.  not kidding. 

Apparently, the doll liked Nutella.  We had to scrub down the doll b/c this was her favorite.

Toothbrush in the tub.  Lovely.  Another orphanage habit to break...brushing their teeth in the shower.  Gross.  This was Reni's toothbrush.  

 What's wrong here, why my new kiddos don't like Nutella.  One of my favorites!

This is where we have to keep drinks cold...outside.  Not in the fridge.  

Ahh, classic.  Juice on a couch that isn't ours.  Got to love it.  Apologies to the next people staying at this place.

More pictures left to come.  Very sleepy now.  Finish some things on here tomorrow.  Recapping our trip in pictures. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures! They are beautiful!

  2. Congratulations on getting home. hopefully you can all crash and get some sleep.

  3. I stayed in the same apartment and I complained about the roaches... I left one under a glass on the counter. I think in BG they think of them kinda like ants.... because it was like... yeah, just look for the roach spray under the cabinet... what???? OMG!!!!