Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are here!!!-- Day 1 & 2 (I think)

After a very, very long time of traveling, we're here.  If there are tons of mistakes, it'.s b/c I haven't slept for 2 days.  Want to get on this time schedule.  We left our house at some point yesterday...I think.  A great guy from our church named Donnie gave us a ride to the airport.  Huge blessing!  He prayed for us before we left the car.  Even gave us something "extra" for our trip which has really come in handy.  Really, does anyone else think $9 for a bagel sandwich at the airport is too much?  Anyhow, we got there and the guy at ticket counter said "mam, it says you are not allowed to travel on this passport."  My eyes must have been as big as beach balls.  Then he said "just kidding."  I wanted to try that joke out on you.  NIce one buddy.  Not good to do to a person prone to nervousness.  Went through security pretty easily.  RDU to Dulles to Frankfurt to Sofia.  The DC to Frankfurt flight actually caught a great tailwind and we made it in 7.5 hours.  First lady on that flight was talking Warren's ear off.  She lived in Portland and found out her husband was gay.  So that ended the marriage.  Then, her son married someone who cleaned him dry.  Then he got into doing bad things.  I mean she kept going on and on & I swear it could have been a soap opera.  After that, a guy from India sat next to Warren.  They were both in the same field of work so literally talked for hours about geek stuff.  Yeh, I'm not up on the lingo so don't ask me what they were talking about. 

Weather was terribly foggy when we left Germany.  So, flight delayed.  Still, our driver was there waiting.  Got in the car & he said we should go the grocery store right away as there will be no other time to shop.  Seriously?  I know I must smell & gosh, all I wanted to do was brush my teeth.  LOL.  Luckily, dropped off stuff at the apartment.  More on that later.  Headed back to convert money & shop.  Umm, do you really think it is smart to send two people into the store to shop who are exhausted & can't read the food labels?  But, Warren and I did it.  Got spaghetti, no idea what is in the jar of sauce.  Got rice, potatoes, chicken breasts, eggs, apples, bananas, grapes, soda, water, apple juice, etc.  Hurried back upstairs.  See, reason we had to hurry is b/c the driver was due to the airport to pick up another couple. 

We've been at our apartment ever since.  Bagging up gifts, moving the donations around, etc.  Getting organized.  Warren made us chicken & rice for dinner.  Tomorrow, it's bread & bananas for breakfast.  Great apartment except for the roaches we saw in the kitchen...yuck.  NOt a fan of roaches.  Just know we re-washed those dishes before we ate off of them.  Oh, and we found leftover pizza in the microwave from the former people.  Nice one.  Other than that though, the apartment is fantastic!  It really is.  Huge.  Kids will have a lot to do here.  Not loading pics up for probably another 2 days.  Just beat right now. 

Plan is to go get Summer Grace tomorrow.  They are worried about her traveling to Shumen the very next day as well.  So, tentative plans are one of us stays behind w/ Summer while the other heads out to get the sibs. On Friday.  I would rather we all go.  Many reasons for that.  However, playing it all by ear right now.  We have to see how she reacts tomorrow & what would be in her best interest.  No idea what happens after that.  Just wanted to write a quick note saying we go ther & tomorrow we go get our Summer!  Can't wait to see her again.  More to come so stay tuned.  Right now, got to call another family & wash some dishes.  Enjoy your week.


  1. Yay!!

    So I am going to guess that you are in the same apartment I was in on my second trip... roach spray under the kitchen sink.

    As for places to eat... good place is Pizza Roma and it is down to your right before you get to Vitosha (about half way between).

    Can't wait for pictures and all the good stuff...

    I am sure they are worried that summer will get car sick or the sibs will... bring something for puke, just in case! Many of those kiddos get car sick... I did too... must be the fact you are on a two lane road... eeek!@

  2. Happy day! Enjoy your time with your kids in Bulgaria:)